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Render My Skin
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Can somebody render this 2048X2048 skins, and put them on one stage?
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Hi Davo very nice all works, I see you have a few interesting rims could you send me?
Quote from Kubajz :And what you know about this?

lfs viewer is not what they mean by rendering...
I question is about that skin....
Quote from Kubajz :I question is about that skin....

Delat skin v PS neni az tak tezky...staci si zvyknout, popr si me uloz do icq a ja ti s tim poradim
Quote from Kubajz :I question is about that skin....

ooh, i c, i kinda like it
not my genre but i like it
No už jsem si sehnal Photoshop......tak zkusím něco v něm........ale dík!
render my skin

Can you also render the skin of my mate.

Best Regards,

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render this please:

a garage scene, or when its driving or driving
a left bottom front view if possible..

thanks alot!
render skin
Thanks Tonix,

Great skin.

Best regards,

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will someone do my FZR for me. Just need one shot, from the back at 1024 x 768.
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FZR_Rappa Z.jpg
thnx, just what i wanted.
Can somebody please render this skin, i am in love with it

In a pure white background please
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Hi there. I wondered if anyone could render these two simple skins. That would be lovely. Personally i think theyre a bit cool. Ps. I love comments.
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(Mojo_92) DELETED by Mojo_92
thanks alot I really like that.
Would anyone be willing to render my skin for me please. I really like the ones with the darker backgrounds and mirrored floor, but anything is fine with me. Thank you
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np I am happy that you like it

Render My Skin
(9818 posts, started )