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Just A Ride Ban
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@turbofan and what ? I got banned few times for a week for crashig and insults and my last ban was for troll ? Is it troll when i say i am new ? I can show yo uan image the reason for the ban dude. Don't be rude please : )
If you discuss the reason of the ban, you clearly dont get it.
You have a loaded ban history, server is no charity or state institution, it is a private initiative. when u join, you are a guest, not a customer.
We owe you nothing, not even a reason for a ban.

File closed.
Quote from turbofan :If you discuss the reason of the ban, you clearly dont get it...

You don't seem to understand me. I am a guest - fact! But who evicts a guest who did something a while ago and then just said they were a new person for example and therefore got evicted again for that thing? That doesn't sound logical! If you want close files or whatever you call it! I want nothing more than a reason for which I am banned, but apparently there is none. Now you're going to say that you don't have to give it to me, you just decided that way, right? It is good that you are all alive and well and less people like me fall for you, where they only ruin your health with questions that you do not answer or do not take responsibility for your mistakes. Even the ban reason you gave me in 2nd page isn't real, but still good try (It;s troll). I wish you one day to become one idea more sincere people and realize that I did not mean you anything bad, I did not want to insult you.

Have a nice and successful day from me, Martin.

(You can not reply to this message because I'm sure the answer will be "We don't have to" )
and here we are again zakaruny, u are harassing/trolling me for questions already answered
reason is written clearly : trolling

i do mistakes, and i have no problem to admit them
i take responsibility of having banned you for trolling, but i obviously can't be responsible if u dont understand my point of view, and i dont care.

I also realize u dont mean bad, so do I.
So maybe you could try another way to express you intent.
Maybe just look ahead and dont turn on the past. Idk.

Have a good day, stay well.
I don't know why I was banned from the server, it will be almost 1 year and it still hasn't been opened, can you please remove it, I'm not a toxic player, I just gas
your account is reported as "shared/multiuser" and has been perm banned as such
this situation is impossible, I have never shared it with anyone, I just changed my computer.
I will check with big admins ok
tamam teşekkür ederim
Hello, I was also banned, so please let me know why you got bann ed and how long is ban.
Have you talked to the managers?

Just A Ride Ban
(62 posts, started )