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Just A Ride Ban
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I Banned..
Quote from gregorsamsa :How many days does Just A Ride Server give the user a ban? (for crash/accident)

I banned from server now. I hit a car (with rampcar) for test it, he turned out to be a admin Big grin he banned me for 2 months
Hi can you please unban me, my little brother was playing and started to troll and crash, sorry abt, but the ban is lasting forever
Hello, yesterday, while playing on the server, I had the truck and parked vehicles moved. If I remember correctly, he was given a two-day sentence. Currently the ban is shown until August 28th, why is that so long?
Quote from Nicolazo555 :Hi can you please unban me, my little brother was playing and started to troll and crash, sorry abt, but the ban is lasting forever

I am not saying your argument is invalid, because that may be really true. But man... how many times we have read this explanation? Are all little brothers/sisters so mean to bigger ones that they must always be a "party pooper" and ruin everything in a day, like a neighbor's cat dropping all the items from shelves?
Hello, I was banned> has anyone invite to discord just a ride
Quote from hagwa :Hello, I was banned> has anyone invite to discord just a ride

Yes, you have been banned 1 month ago and still have an active ban for using a speed hack. Your ban is for a period of 1 year. Not sure why would anyone use such a thing while having hundreds of fast mods around, but that's a decision you took and you'll have to take responsibility.

It is good that the other thread got closed, I've been asking for this already.
Maybe you want to close this one aswell.

Regarding the forum noise when people complain, we mostly warn people and they get a kick before a ban, but there can be exceptions because of the time needed to explain and warn every bad driver.
It is really amazing that so much people just don't care.

We have also a set of rules and a !help command. But people who dont care, dont care this aswell.
We have a log for the bans, where we have reason of ban, ban duration, number of past bans, and a access to ban history of the user.

if someone gets a ban and it is his first, it is usually 12h
the 2nd ban should be 3 days but is most often also 12h
the 3rd ban should be 7 days but is most often also 12h
the 4th ban should be 15 days but is most often also 12h
the 5th ban should be 30 days
the 6th ban should be 180 days

yet, we have hundreds, yes hundreds, of people with more than 3 bans, and some with 10 (at that point a perm ban is issued)
How can one get even 6 bans if we behave like we would in a normal social context ?
we also have dozens of shared accounts perm banned.

I believe we do warn enough, and tolerate enough mess aswell.
What we dont have is a dedicated forum for users, however there is a discord thing where people can report bad drivers and upload mpr's (i dont know much about this, i dont use discord, other admins handle it)

I also believe people get reason and duration of the ban if they try to reconnect, but am not rly sure.
Insim is coded by server owner, and that guy is quite away from lfs most of time, so updates are slow to come.

but well, I, have spent years, updating my own insim for my own server, 15 years ago almost. I was dedicating 12h+ for lfs everyday, it's a never ending project, and people always ask for update and cant read documentation, you know that well.
so now, I am not willing to spend so much time with lfs, and even less time managing users who cant behave, so I dont explain things that much :
many people also never get a ban, so there is actually nothing to explain, people know how to behave, bad drivers just dont do it, whatever u write or warn., they come to challenge the others drivers and the rules, and they call it "freedom" or "fun".

I will however check that people are informed of the reason and duration of ban by insim, if they are not, i will wake server owner up so he adds a few line for the code to do this.(but it would have been nice to have something built into lfs for this, I miss it since forever)
This is a much more sensible place for this thread rather than spamming general discussion.

Just A Ride Ban
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