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54/bruhmomento/Mehmet Nuri Coşkun/Turkiye/Master Race Car
92/rog_nilsson/Robin Nilsson/SWE/Understeer Cartel
(juliao) DELETED by juliao
(Ivan_2006) DELETED by Ivan_2006
7/Ivan_2006/Iván Rodríguez/Spain/TAV Racing
42/TheRubius192FE2/Xibin Lu/ESP/TAV Racing
Quote from Bruhmomento :54/bruhmomento/Mehmet Nuri Coşkun/Turkiye/Master Race Car

Changed name (written wrong)
45/yasso7up/Yassin BIDAL/
Entries closed for Round 1. Open again after Round 1 completes, approximately 2 hours after event conclusions.
Entries open following Round 1!
73/johneysvk/Todd Bonzalez/Slovakia/Master Race Car
The following drivers have been dropped from the entry list for failure to participate in any capacity in the series during Round 1.

Quote from F1 mainiac :99/f1 mainiac/Bozhidar velinov/BGR/World Class Lions

Quote from rafaelgames :46/rafaelgames/Rafael Costa/Brazil/Master Race car/

Quote from NotExotic :43/NotExotic/Szymon Kander/United Kingdom

Quote from Pukyy :41/Pukyy/Ajdin Isić/Bosnia and Hercegovina/Independent(no team)

Quote from MasterKrys :88/masterkrys/Krzysztof Mąka/Poland/Sim Racing Polska

Quote from kart-36 :36/kart-36/Joe Holmes/GBR/NA

Quote from Ivan_2006 :7/Ivan_2006/Iván Rodríguez/Spain/TAV Racing

Quote from chaitany :11/chaitany/Chaitanya/india

The numbers are free for election by any driver, including the removed drivers.

Removed drivers may re-enter the series by quoting their original post and specifying their re-entry.
43/MandulAA/Dániel Balla/HUN/Race Green Autosports
Quote from steven_martin :67/steven_martin/Steven Martin/United Kingdom/SM Racing

Withdrawing my entry, regrettably. (Wheel is dead, gl folks Thumbs up)
11/ManlyDenis/Denis Martinius/Ireland/TurboTequila
99/SAHIOJA/Matias Aarni/FIN/
Entries closed for Round 2. Will reopen following the round.
Entries open again following Round 2!

Next round 12 May.
88/microspecv/Sean Lee/Singapore/Air Attack Racing
Entries closed for Round 3. Will reopen following the round.
Entries open following round 3!
65/yasin.inan/Yasin İnan/Turkey/Airattack Racing
Entry lockout for Round 4.

Last round of season - entries will not reopoen for 2024.
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