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MRc E-Challenge 2024: Signups

MRc E-Challenge 2024 - Signups

To enter the MRc E-Challenge 2024, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS licence name, real name, nationality, team name (if representing a team). Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. Example:

1/dekojester/Jonathan Palmer/GBR/New Dimension Racing

Any number 2-99 is free for selection. Number 1 is reserved for the previous seasons champion, Gábor Gyüre (viperakecske)

NOTE: If you use an abbreviation, please use the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 abbreviation. This is the standard NDR use in our systems.

Signups are open NOW, and will close at 2 hours prior to each event start, and not open again until two hours after event conclusion.

Licence Requirements for Drivers

No NDR Licence Grade limitation.
You will need an S3 LFS License to participate.

Entries are tracked in the attached PDF. This PDF is updated at least once daily.

Numbers highlighted in orange are conflicted, and that entrant needs to chance their number. They have been directly notified.
Attached files
ECH2024_EntryList.pdf - 72.8 KB - 1 view
16/k_badam/Adam Brown/SCO/Simbroadcasts
1/Viperakecske/Gábor Gyüre/HUN/Team S1DUS
96/Eclipsed/Rony Kronpušs/Latvia/Race Green Autosports
2/nikopdr/Niko Puntola/FIN/Team S1DUS
67/steven_martin/Steven Martin/United Kingdom/SM Racing
99/f1 mainiac/Bozhidar velinov/BGR/World Class Lions
46/rafaelgames/Rafael Costa/Brazil/Master Race car/
#9 - Sobis
34/Sobis/Karolis Motiejuis/LTU/YES Motorsports
15/BeIleBoy/Imran Azhar/MYS/Team S1DUS
69/Thehemuli_/Teemu Särkkinen/FIN/Zafiralis
43/NotExotic/Szymon Kander/United Kingdom
51/PedroXDBR/Pedro Vitor/Brazil/Master Race car
41/Pukyy/Ajdin Isić/Bosnia and Hercegovina/Independent(no team)
21/Bokujishin/Cyril Bissey/France/no team
13/jokuhemmomummo6/Miika Särkkinen/FIN/Zafiralis
27/redbot_/Jefin Jacob/India/Race Green Autosports
37/Scawen/Scawen Roberts/England/Live for Speed
19/rayman95/Ramon Hornos/Spain/Born to Race
98/jmeade/Jared Meade/Canada/SAVAGE SimSports
18/thegamer23/Lorenzo Lucidi/Italy/Race Green Autosports
88/masterkrys/Krzysztof Mąka/Poland/Sim Racing Polska
#23 - cuni
77/CUNi/Silva Agostinho/Iceland/Race Green Autosports
64/Flame CZE/Martin Kapal/CZE/SAVAGE SimSports
36/kart-36/Joe Holmes/GBR/NA