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LEMON CULTE (Citroën C15)
#2 - Kova.
OH BOY! "le riton" is going to give up is work to spent hours on LFS Big grin
Looking forward to this! It is going to be fun! Big grin
lets go
Mapped headlights and tail lights, added dashboard backing texture, working handbrake & battery lights, matched most specs according to real data (thanks to Kova. for sending me the data)

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#6 - Kova.
Glad to be able to help you with this french legend Big grin
Higher resolution dashboard texture, added indicator light and fuel warning light. The rest of the lights are placeholders for now.

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This looks so good, at first I thought it was a real life picture. Big grin
All possible dash lights should be done so far. I'll update the "sidelights" light once it's supported.

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Dashboard lights for headlight cycle: only the symbols light up without background
Sidelights indicator stays on in all 3 cycles
More interior mapping
Updated headlights color
Moved engine damage light in the top left

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Animated light stalk thanks to test patch D53 Smile

That is a nice resource indeed, I use some photos as textures for the dashboard.

As for the progress, the last remaining thing before I can publish this is the driver animation.
Riton is starting to jump of happiness Big grin
First of all, thank you for your effort, I think there is no one who would say the vehicle is of poor quality. When I saw that the car was shared, I said, "Wow, this car's engine setting is problematic."
The vehicle is set up like a gasoline engine and its breaker is very high.
I don't know how to set the ideal atmospheric diesel in the game, but it needs to be adjusted so that the torque comes at lower revs. In this regard, you can examine and try the small tool called HJETT, it works well.

My other request is that you pull the fov angle as far back as possible.
The collision lod seems really approximate, could you tighten it a bit please? Smile
Needs a template asap
Shrug impossible to skin ...
i am so worry Looking
Yeah it's still work in progress. Don't worry, I'll get to it soon Smile

Quote from Kanade :The collision lod seems really approximate, could you tighten it a bit please? Smile

I've updated the collision LOD, hopefully it should be better now.

I've also updated the engine sound in version 3.
Finally, I had some time for testing. Unfortunately I have never driven one IRL but have seen a lot of crazy stunt videos. Mod is nicely agile and especially the lift-off over-steer looks perfect. On the other hand I would expect more body roll and overall floatiness typical of Citroëns. I know that it is pretty hard to tune (working on a 2CV Big grin ) but I think it will be worth it.

Edit: the best looking Lemon in the LFS IMO Nod
Skin support please
I've added skin support in V4 Smile
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skinnable 1.jpg
skinnable 2.jpg
skinnable interior.jpg
Thanks for the skin support Thumbs up

However I found an issue with it: Right and Left side mappings don't match

Right (top)

Left (bottom)

LEMON CULTE (Citroën C15)
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