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Quote from Ibtasim6781 :Thanks for the skin support Thumbs up

However I found an issue with it: Right and Left side mappings don't match

Right (top)

Left (bottom)

Thanks, I will have a look tonight and submit a fix soon.
Version 5:

Fixed side mappings on the skin to be the same size
Version 6:

New configurations with skinnable numberplates
Fix: corrected interior mapping around doors
Fix: rear part of rear cabin is M2 color now
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Version 7
Added 7 default skins:
- Michelin
- Police
- Gendarmerie
- Pompiers
- Assistance Lemon
- EDW GDW Services Westhill
- LFSPoste
Thanks to System01.54,THEFRENCHDESTOYER!

Added configurations with an orange or a blue beacon. It can be activated using the /light extra on/off/toggle command.

This is so endearing. Thank you!
Nice skin set with some humor.

Seems that mod is full of little comic things :
there is a config with fixed number plate wich reads L3MON CUL73.
Well, if I "translate" this, I get L3MY ASS73.

Yes, I laughed.
My ankles are going to swell, but I feel like the skins are the cherry on top of a delicious cake Big grin
Version 8
Finally got out of WIP Smile

Added an LOD2 model
Fixed the aspect ratio of the front number plate
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LEMON CULTE (Citroën C15)
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