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Vehicle mod: FAIK TOPO
Details page:

Quote :Cheap Economical Family Sedan!

Quote :One of the best and the most fun family sedan you can drive!
Topo has a 1.3 liter diesel turbo engine that makes 120 HP and 275 NM of torque.
Also it is suitable for racing with it's FWD chassis, same goes with ripping the handbrake around the corners too!

#2 - JJD99
great fun car but pls give a version with full window tint
#3 - R-to
I'll add a few customization options to it later like tinted windows, lips etc.

I am planning on making a racing bodykit for it and after that I'll allow derivatives so you can edit it and release it as a GM car
great news for racing fans like me
please do not overpower too much the engine
stay reasonnable Wink
I decided to release the cup version as another car with 180hp engine, bodykit, spoiler, custom rims, downforce and slick tyres
i will make that one derivative so you guys can edit it to your own regulations
#7 - JJD99
Thanks for adding the tints Big grin
Very good mod knk!
Fiat Bravo 2 when?
Thank you all for the comments!
The cup version has been delayed a few days
Also my new car will be inspired by BMW M5 and I dont think Ill make another Fiat
I was wondering whether it would be possible to add a TAXI sign on the roof? Would make the car a lot more usable on certain cruise-servers.
Yes I am working on it and a few extra stuff as well. Smile
#13 - v2u
Good job man, Also I hope one day you add another version and add more Horse Power similar to the TBO Smile.
hello why cant i download sorry bad engilish
you need s3 licence to use mods.

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