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Charit-eRacing Star Singers 2022
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Charit-eRacing Star Singers 2022
Dear racers,

I would like to invite you to a charity competition. It is called "Star Singers" as a German tradition is the collection of donations by children dressed up as the biblical magi between Christmas and the day of Epiphany. (see "Die Sternsinger")

While I am not affiliated with the faith nor with the organisation behind it I would like to support their cause with a small donation and I want to invite the community to par take. Therefore I organised three demo servers for this competition. Beginning on Monday January 10th at 18:00 UTC and open for four days until Thursday January 13th 18:00 UTC the servers will be set to 38 laps at Blackwood Grand Prix using the Formula BMW FB02 by Mygale. Races started prior to Thursday 18:00 UTC will be allowed to finish. For every individual signed-up finisher, I will donate 0.50€ (EDIT3Smile up to a total of 250.00€.

For every race a driver completes they will receive points in the 24 - 22 - 20 - 18 - 16 - 14 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 scheme with a bonus point for the fastest lap. However the points are awarded beginning at the last placed car, so that if less then 12 racers finish, the top finishers receive less points. A race is considered completed if the driver completed lap 34. Drivers who complete more then one race will be scored with the average of their best 50% race results (average of all results better then their median result).
Those racers whose best race finish time over the course of the complete race distance is among the 25 best racers will receive 25 to 1 point(s) added to their final score according to their ranking.

To sign-up please provide the following information in this thread.
LFSW Name:
In-game name:
Full team name:

You will receive the server password during the four days of competition.

Please note: There will be no Airio on the servers. I will provide updates to the competition at least once a day.

EDIT: If you want to contribute by yourself or to a different organisation as part of this event, please get into touch by PM. Smile

EDIT 2: The working document for the competition will be the following Google Spreadsheet.

EDIT 4: The replays and champstat results and summaries are now in a Google Drive.
LFSW Name: CoNiks
In-game name: [MRc] CoNiks
Full team name: Master Race car
LFSW Name: gemini 95
In-game name: [MRc] gemini95
Full team name: Master Race car
Great idea.

LFSW Name: MButcher
In-game name: SBTV Pete
Full team name: Sim Broadcasts
LFSW Name: Fast Jarda
In-game name: Jaroslav Dohnalík
Full team name: n/a
#6 - tBug
LFSW Name: tBug
In-game name: DMZ# tBug
Full team name: Dream Master Zero
LFSW Name: Rex_PL
In-game name: [GD] Rex
Full team name: Good Drivers
LFSW Name: PedroXDBR
In-game name: [MRc] PedroBR
Full team name: Master Race car
LFSW Name: michal 1279
In-game name: [MRc] Michal
Full team name: Master Race car

Awesome idea, hope to do many races in that time period
LFSW Name: BeIleBoy
In-game name: [MRc] Zesty
Full team name: Master Race car
LFSW Name: f1 mainiac
In-game name: [WCL] Bozz
Full team name: World Class Lions
LFSW Name:Ricardin1
In-game name:[RP]Ric98
Full team name:Roda Pressa Racing Team
LFSW Name: MandulAA
In-game name: RG^Mandula
Full team name: Race Green Autosports
Added a sign-up list to the opening post, also I was made aware I should announce my maximum budget as well, which is now also in the opening post. If you want to contribute seperately or independantly, just get into touch. Smile
LFSW Name: Viperakecske
In-game name: S1DUS*GáboR
Full team name: Team S1DUS
LFSW Name: Bumschnarsi
In-game name: Bumschnarsi
Full Team name: no Team
LFSW Name: teppari
In-game name: [WCL] T.Soini
Full team name: World Class Lions
LFSW Name: xpablousky
In-game name: [MRc] pablo
Full team name: Master Race car
LFSW Name: donidsi
In-game name: Iron|Doni
Full team name: Iron Club
LFSW Name:
In-game name:[MRc]Math55
Full team name:Master Race Car
LFSW Name: EnrPW7
In-game name: DMZ Enrich
Full team name: Dream Master Zero
LFSW Name: Dou3r
In-game name: Dou3r
Full team name: n/a
LFSW Name: CCMatucheski
In-game name: CCM
Full team name: n/a
LFSW Name: texxxas
In-game name: [MRc] Texas
Full team name: Master Race car
LFSW NAME: facu23
In-game name: Kr/Young
Full team name: Kind Runners

Charit-eRacing Star Singers 2022
(46 posts, started )