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Croatian Language Pack
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Croatian Language Pack
Hi, folks.

Here are Croatian.txt and help_Croatian.txt files that I update on a daily bases.

I'll be placing the other files here as well, as I go with the translations (Lessons etc.).

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#2 - Bila
Yaaay, finaly someone had the will power to make it. Nice
It is still a work in progress... I take it for a stress-relief therapy!
#5 - vilim
Ma bravo care!!!
#6 - Chupo
<native mode on>

A ja sam bas htio poceti s prevodjenjem :-))

<native mode off>
Hello all. Jonnie do you need any help with translation?

EDIT: Last post was 16th december 2005, and no word from him, since I have a lot of free time (broken leg) I will translate rest of it.
Sorry for digging out threads from 10 years ago but I've updated translation.
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Croatian.txt - 58.2 KB - 172 views
Where can I find original English text?

Croatian Language Pack
(9 posts, started )