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April Progress Report
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Let's face it. LFS is only so good because you are so passionate about developing each update.

If LFS had already achieved gold status ten years ago, there would be a lot of features and options missing today .......

I hope the development goes on for a long time. Thumbs up
I hope they succeed in delivering these graphical updates and tire physics evolution to have something brilliant as we can be sure.
And in a not so huge amount of time !
Aim is they can breath a little before doing more funny things, like new contents to develop matching their taste Big grin
i.e. : Rally pack for the win !
Somehow got excited of this one picked from twitter
Maybe it is best the night weather to be added some time after the new graphics system in order to minimize the experimental part of delay. Shrug
Graphics improvements is way less complexe (in term of development) than tyres/aero/car dynamics physics, it will not take a huge amount of time.

The problem is we're still tied to the physics overwhole to be finalized.
Not necessary:
Quote from Scawen :I do hope the new tyre physics can be released with the new graphics, otherwise I'll have to move a copy of the old physics into the new version.

That to happen is really really unlikely. He would not want to do this out of many reasons. He would need to be hard stuck in the tyre update and like getting sick even thinking about it. At least the second point I hope he is far away from. But every developer knows these projects and tasks. Wink
I'm actually wondering if there is a webpage that shows Scawan and Eric's todo list... Once finish something just check the box :S
LOL, that will sounds like a "must-provide" list if some would find it Tongue
I hope Eric is well progressing with the placements of street lights among the tracks to brighten the night Cool, and I do really hope we see the tire physics coming with the graphic updates : it is THE thing that really matters to me Ya right ... Getting mad with locked diff Big Eye Big grin
I wish we got some news for May Shrug
still tomorrow ... or it will be next month ... Ya right
(Evolution_R) DELETED by Evolution_R : no surprise
Yeah, cus it's 1 June 2019.......

(Evolution_R) DELETED by Evolution_R : the cake is a lie
Yeah I hope we get a report this month as well. Even if it's nothing major, the monthly reports still boost the mood nicely Smile
I am more excited to wait for an LFS progress report (even when there is "no progress report") than the release of AC competizione Big grin
... even if it is a very nice simulation. Actually, I would need GT3 cars in LFS to make a fair comparison Omg omg omg
They forgot us Schwitz ... nvm LFS forever Heart
May is dead.
isn’t it May the 32nd today ? Tilt
Hi guys, sorry but I don't think we can do a progress report every month now.

For my part I have been continuing with the lighting, and working on getting it to look right with the real time generated skies while preserving the look of the tracks.

I've looked at the albedo levels for various materials and adjusted the brightness to get the lighting right as we gradually move to a more physically based system.

I've been experimenting with a high dynamic range (HDR) render target (as an option). This involves rendering the image to a texture which uses a 16-bit floating point number for each colour channel of a pixel instead of the standard 8-bit gamma corrected integer. This has various advantages for lighting and can produce more realistic images. I've been trying some tone mapping functions that can be applied in the final post-processing stage where the HDR render target is output to 8-bit format for display on the screen.

There's more to do but not too much to talk about at the moment.
Smile I see this also as small report. No worries I will be waiting with patience. I'm sure the end result will be great as the perfectionist u are.
Wow, day/night system, real lightning, HDR. Any plans for little tyre physics test patch before you start creating Ray Tracing in refractions of light in heated outlets of exhaust gases taking into account the particulate effects of smoke after imprecise ignition caused by engine damage after bad downshifting? Tongue

Thanks for that report chief, have a good day!
Great Wink
The relatively low polygon cars will suffer from all this sumptuousness when done Big grin Uhmm
Probably, a new version, high polygon cars are in the making. Big grin
It is kinda funny to see how this "little experiment" about setting time of day has slowly turned into a "well, might as well upgrade the whole thing while I'm at it" project. Omg omg omg
Quote from three_jump :It is kinda funny to see how this "little experiment" about setting time of day has slowly turned into a "well, might as well upgrade the whole thing while I'm at it" project. Omg omg omg

yes Smile

April Progress Report
(170 posts, started )