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April Progress Report
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Great job well done. thanks
It was worth the wait.
Amazing, cute and so Beautiful Big grin

Great work and keep it up Devs! Thumbs up

This is absolutely amazing! I LOVE the work done in the surroundings (The mountains around the map, the new buildings and renovated roads!, also, I don't know if I'm wrong, but I see new textures + (prob.) new layout objects, is this just for screenshot purposes or is it going to be included in the final build?
Awesome to see Progress. I was just thinking that it still looks quite dark in the night time despite having headlights. Maybe its possible to install some floodlights on the tracks so we can also have FOX races at night? Similar to F1 Singapore.
Quote from numbazZ :Here I've made a quick comparison of how the Kyoto was 14 years ago in version 0.5F and now in the current 0.6U version Tilt

very nice Thumbs up
You should have sent the /cp values to Eric to make the snapshots now Big grin
It will come with S4 or S5 license?
Quote from Mikus1212 :It will come with S4 or S5 license?

There is no further license planned. S3 are the last and highest you get.
I also dont think that LFS become an S4 or S5 license anytime.
will there be night races for demo licences? Smile
BMW advertisements Confused Never noticed these before..
Quote from Jorks :BMW advertisements Confused Never noticed these before..

Official screenshots from years ago

Because there actually are 2 BMW's in the game Smile
BMW Sauber F1.06
Formula BMW FB02
Quote from F.C.Barcelona :will there be night races for demo licences? Smile

I highly believe so. However, demo racers could be locked to fixed time of day only, and require a license to access the full 24-hour day/night cycle. I'm not a demo user anymore so it's not really my problem, but still, don't get your hopes too high.
Thats a nice Idea.
Demo-Racers are limited to only Day (ex. 11AM) and Night (ex. 18PM) while we Licensed Racers can set the time to what we want (Hours and Minutes).
Also if there will be Weather. So Demo-Racers only have Sunny, Cloudy and maybe Fog while Licensed Racers have the full platte of all the Weather incl. Rain, Snow(?) etc.
I think it's kinda fair to let demo users test the most demanding (CPU+GPU) configuration, i.e. not only one sunny weather.

And in current version the demo users already have all weathers available, so... not sure, if it's worth the hassle. If somebody is not enough interested to check other tracks and cars, does some weather matter?
Speechless again. Thanks Degats for comparison photos. I wasn't surprised that these remaining track will take longer to update. But what a version we will have when its finally ready!

Its also interesting to see the 0.5-0.6 comparison photos posted by numbazZ. Actually they make 0.6 version look awesome Omg omg omg
Do you really think we are in the right situation to start limiting demo licence even more, why do you think devs are improving the gfx engine in the first place ? to cater more people into LFS.

We convince people to buy licence, we don't force them, and by convincing we show them how awesome LFS is with only 3 cars and one track, and even more awesome with licensed content.
Anticipation is maxing out! So pumped for this graphical update to come.
Would love to find KY4 from new Kyoto

Quote from Mikus1212 :It will come with S4 or S5 license?

No, will be monthly charge (joke)
Yay, I'm starting to feel it comin!
The dynamic range stuff looks interesting. I like it!
will KY have non track road like BL & WE?
Oh god! That looks AMAZING!
Quote from lfsrm :I think color variation is fairly easy to implement at this stage (with dependence to moisture % or environmental pollution etc), the problem is the clouds transition from clear sky to overcast which from what I know is fairly challenging to implement.

you got a good point there.
maybe i asked the wrong way i think.
if we still can use the current skie files (dds) as skie backgrounds. no problem with that at all.
so many great ones has been made already. but thinking they perhaps would (in the new) be dynamic or something,which would require new, no? im just thinking especially sunrise and sunsets are the most clearly visible as these change more color than example a blue skie would. but if hard coded as i think scawen said once, i think this would also require new thinking towards sand in the air (orange/purple sunsets) but you would also need sunsets like cloudy and moist etc. but i think it looks beautiful as is. just thinking as said in the long run it would be a bit ,erhem, boring if only same changes are made visualy. well in the long run that is. colors never hurt . so it would be awesome to see implemented to the skies of LFS if not thought of although i think devs do think alot of this new thing. making it look amazing while you drive for better emersion aswell. but its a side question . because, who doesnt love a great looking sunset right Smile

Quote from lfsrm :Aww you made my day Scawen, the waiting is getting harder and harder from excitement Big grin.

Just by curiosity, did you found any solution for clouds interaction with realtime skybox, as I noticed many games can't do it right when trying to fake volumetric diffuse light on clouds.

So only one track (Fernbay) remaining Smile.

and South City Smile
i think Eric is nursing south city to the fullest.
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April Progress Report
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