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The what other music are you listening to now thread
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Quote from Draggo :

lol. im actually friends with 2 of those . thats a bit funny sort of Smile
Martin seem to be a fan of me Big grin

Quote from Aw3som3G4m3rzYT :surprised nobody posted deadmau5 yet Big Eye

well probably because hes deuce in real life... he is coming around SLOWLY though..
Metallica - Now That We're Dead
Gang of Youths - The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest Shadows.

im listening to this when I race in events, just to explain my modest performance

Everything I want in a future house song Heart

Quote from danthebangerboy :Heard this a couple of days ago in my mates car, it was a whole set but this is the only track i have managed to find so far, and i take back everything i ever said about the genre of psytrance being rubbish, because this is really good.

Neelix is da man Smile (Aka Henrik).

if you like to hear more psytrance have a look at my mixcloud:

This upload was 4th in the #goa psy trance chart, 8th in the #psychedelic trance chart, 11th in the #psytrance chart and 22nd in the #tech trance chart. ... competitionthe-wizard-dk/

i almost got to play with him and others some years ago in this contest mix. (however i wasnt interested in playing there so didnt submit this mix as should).
Does anyone know songs with similar vibes to this?

The what other music are you listening to now thread
(711 posts, started )