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Slayer - Deviance :guitarist
God Is An Astronaut : Decay
holyyyshittt soundwave was amazing :3

Front and centre for mindless self indulgence, they put on a fantastic show but the crowd was extremely tame which ruined it for me. ... amp;notif_t=video_comment

On the plus side, Jimmy kissed my hand and then i slapped him ^_^

The vandals put on a damn good show too...a lot of gay content was said though :P

Stonesour...nothing really needs to be said

All Time Low not usually my thing but got dragged to it. Surprisingly decent live!

Was also front centre for billy talent which was a bit more fun, got booted in the head by a crowd surfer haha

Sum41 again not usually my thing...but they know how to get the crowd to jump!

Slayer....couldn't even get into the pit it was that absolutely packed and everyone up the back was being tame and boring

Blink182 were ****ing amazing, so good live and the crowd was awesome

Linkin park were good live...but they played most of their newer stuff...which was a real shame

And last but not least...Bring Me The Horizon....words cannot express
i've never been knocked about so much, feeling so sore today haha

had some guy kept elbowing me in the ribs every time i got pushed forward into him, so next time i jumped and got pushed into him and shoved him as hard as i could, he ended up tripping and falling down and getting trampled.

Made my night, but seriously
Quote from Klutch :
Made my night, but seriously

BMTH play any songs off the new album?
Quote from Hahmo :BMTH play any songs off the new album?

Yep, They opened with Shadow Moses and ended with Antivist
awww @_@
Quote from seniecka :You won my sympathy. :lovies3d:

That band is awesome, also check out following bands:
Nevermind The Name

Post Rock is so damn good!
One of my favorite songs is "God Is An Astronaut - Forever Lost"