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Virtual LFS Dashboard
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Does this application work on Version 0.6. I am building a sim cockpit and I would definitely install a 7 inch Monitor behind my wheel to use this awesome application!!!!!
I can't get it to work, I guess it won't as the OutGauge packets had changed since the last release.. I don't have VB6 installed anymore so I can't edit the source
If anyone has it, feel free to update it
I've tried to install this on my 2nd computer and connect it but it doesnt get any connection (LAN) any idea's on how i can fix this?
Quote from McGherkin :The RPM text and Speedo text seems to have shifted to the right a bit, and the 1024*768/Changed Layout versions resize the box around them when you try to move it. Cutting off a load of the display.

Fixed this, in case anyone else gets it. Go to Control Panel, Fonts, 'Make my fonts bigger or smaller' (or similar), then ensure it's set to 100% (smaller). By default on my computer it was set to 125%.
great.. would be greater if you would add some more indicators and split times, tyre temperature etc.. but thanks for this!
IIRC, F9 shows tyre temps.
I have a problem because I install and still in 40%
HELP Please!!!!
Thanks dadragon84, I'll try
Ha, great to see after years this was still developed further.. :-)
Dropbox not working, 404 error. Any help?
Sorted the links, Should be working now. My dropbox account was inactive as I hadn't signed in for a while Smile

Quote from Erazotropa :Ha, great to see after years this was still developed further.. :-)

Not even sure if it still works with the current LFS versions. I haven't played in years lol. Though my updated sources are available for anyone that wishes to develop it further.

Virtual LFS Dashboard
(112 posts, started )