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Fragmaster's GTi Thursday
[FM] Fragmaster’s GTi Thursday

After such a great inauguration of season 2017 and stacked season 2018 we are pleased to announce next FM’s GTi Thursdays Season which will be held in whole 2019. Every Thursday we gather to race with the fastest and greatest drives left in whole LFS community. Please read the rules below to be familiar with this formula of racing!

Season 2019 is brought to you by:

[SR] SonicrealmsRacing

(FM) Fragmaster

Teho GP

B2R Born 2 Race


Every Thursday:
19:00 UTC Session start
19:30 UTC Qualification (approximate time)
20:00 UTC Race (1h, approximate time)
(during summer time: 18:00 UTC, 18:30 UTC, 19:00 UTC)

Points System:
1st – 20 pts
2nd – 18 pts
3rd – 16 pts
4th – 14 pts
5th – 12 pts
6th – 10 pts
7th – 9 pts
8th – 8 pts
9th – 7 pts
10th – 6 pts
11th – 5 pts
12th – 4 pts
13th – 3 pts
14th – 2 pts
15th – 1 pt
Pole Position – 1 pt
Fastest Lap – 1 pt
Highest Climber – 1 pt


For up-to-date rules check

Our regulations are very simple and let you enjoy what is the most important in our events: racing and meeting your friends! Remember following:

General Conditions:
In order to race you need to have Discord and to join our server – invitation link: (you don’t need to have a mic, only listen).
No sign-up needed.
Race takes place at (FM) GTi Thursday host in Live For Speed.
The server will be password protected before the Qualifications, so come early enough to join us. You can also ask the password on Discord.
Race clean, respect other drivers.
Misbehaving might end up with ban.

Race Conditions:
Every Race length is set to achieve approximately 1 hour race (number of laps depends on track).
One mandatory pitstop in each race.
Qualifications: Race Director calls every driver to do his (or her) 1 hotlap in Qualifying mode (1 outlap, 1 hot lap, spectate).
Next track and car choice is picked by a winner of previous event (conditions: different configurations of same track can be picked only 2 times in a row – for example: BL1 -> BL2 -> AS2. The same track can’t be picked 3 or more times in a row).
Rockingham is allowed to be picked.
Cars are picked by a winner of previous event (Available picks: separate XFG and XRG, or you can choose both cars at the same time).
BC (button clutch) is disabled and forbidden.
Points are calculated in a form to reward top 15 racers with points to overall Championship.
Higher Climber, Pole Position sitter and Fastest Lap maker both earn 1 point.
Crossing yellow line when entering or exiting pits causes warning or penalty points to overall standings (amount of penalty points depends on the scale of drivers' crossing of the yellow lane).
Complaints: You can report everyone who caused crash, misbehaved or disturbed you or somebody in the race - please write a post on the forum or our Discord explaining what happened – every claim will be resolved by admins with further actions taken depending on specific type of claim.
You can enter our championship with only one name/LFS license: switching names doesn't affect standings/earned coins but it can end with a ban.
Cheating and using third party programs to achieve advantage ends up with a ban
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Thanks for you participation - I'll hope the next week we will have more drivers on grid !

B2R ICeleritas Winned Prologue and he picked car and track for next event:
BL3 and XFG

Some words from our race director Fras!
GTi THURSDAY checks into Aston Cadet with the XFG for 50 faaaantastic laps of racing. B2R expr leads the pack into T1, with AA Mikke right behind him. Close racing action leads to contact, Mikke car spins and he decide to retire his AA car. B2R ICeleritas takes up the battle with his teamate expr right behind them it's 2 SR cars adebayor and bLb.After the pitstops are done it's B2R ICeleritas taking the lead and posts the Fastest Lap with a 1:03.09 as he goes on for the win. Finishing 2nd on the podium is B2R expr. SR adebayor gets 3rd position on the podium.For our first GTi THURSDAY Event everything went relatively smooth. Hopefully next week we will have a bigger grid and more drivers on TS.B2R ICeleritas picks BL3 for next weeks event. Track is loaded. Have a good one guys !!PEACE

Actual standings:

For more info go to
#4 - lucaf
Wow I didn't notice this one until now. Very nice! I try to join as many rounds as possible.
Yeah, we are going today for 3 round .. and every next Thursday we will race Wink

Today's track is FE4 and car is XRG

have fun and feel free to join ! Smile
#6 - lucaf
First laps of last race at south city
Quote from lucaf :First laps of last race at south city

Psst. Use different FOV and more options,such as Shift F twice to block all HUD and we will have excellent views!
Remember Guys that we are are starting session 1 hour elier !!

19:00 CET Session start
19:30 CET Qualify
20:00 CET Race

Of course, you need to have TeamSpeak to participate in race
(no mic needed, just hearing)

This time will stay to end of the year, after bunch of asks to do this evens 1 hour elier.

Todays we are going to KY2 with XFG.
Overall standings, replays, reviews, race results you can fin on out site!

We wish you best of luck!!
#9 - lucaf
thanks for reminding, I try to be there!

I have one wish for tonight's race; Disable mid-race joining (In previous race, a new user joined the race on lap 19 and caused harms for two racers before was kicked.)
is the server not passworded? if you go for it, maybe disable it after lap 1-2, so that restarting from pits is possible after T1 accident or such
Server will be passworded after Qualifing.
Soo race should be clean of 'joiners'
also mid join race will be disables - if you will spec, you will not able to rejoin the race Wink
p.s. and we are sorry for some little mistakes, we are growing up and learning event by event, to be more profi at this, and for sure we want that series to be equal for everyone, that's why we disabled BC ( button clutch )


Cheers, and hope to see you today at race Wink
Okay, IMO server pwd not needed if mid race join disabled but thanks Smile
Quote from Bila_KHS :if you will spec, you will not able to rejoin the race Wink

Of course at this setting you can still shift+P and rejoin. Wink
Quote from Bila_KHS :we disabled BC

Oh,there gonna be few cryers now... Omg omg omg
Quote from Eclipsed :
Oh,there gonna be few cryers now... Omg omg omg

Thumbs up

Reason is like i said - equal for everyone.
We all know what's all about at xfg/xrg - bunch of drivers, one of them using bc one of them not.
Soo it is a best way to disable it.

Standings, reviews, and rest is online up to date after every race.
You can register there, and see stats, chat, etc - in future i will connect driver lfs_world nick with stats on site soo everything will be easy to show, check and read.

Oh no, bc disabled. What a surprise.
Storm, i will update all replays on site, you don't need to put it here, but if you want it that badly, you can Wink

And many thanks once again for pure fair racing and battling for second place ! Pleasure to have 25 hard pressure laps Wink

Also to everyone else who participated in race! Hoping that you have as much fun as i do.

See you on next Thursday!

Mikke ofc win, and ofc picked next track and car which is WE2 and XRG

awesome battle for 2nd place. was fun to watch replay
Very intense first lap, after that I was safely cruising on 5th for half of the race, then I did the fatal error - I misclicked and accidentally downshifted from 2 to 1 instead of upshifting, which broke down my car. My max speed on oval part of the race track was lowered by more than 30 km/h, so I decided to retire.

Beside that error, great event.
I want to inform here that final round of MTDZX-FO!S! will be set at thursday 20.30 UTC, which means it will clip on this one. The day will be set as 20.10.2017 19.10.2017, and it will be kinda "Grand Finale!" Any chance to skip one by you? I have planned it long time ago before this did exist, but never thought this out until now.

EDIT: I mean there are ppl who would also join this one as well.
Um21 - not a problem imho.
i will speak to everyone in next Thursday about this if we can skip one round for your Grand Finale. Mayby guys will join insted of Thursday.

And sure, we've barely started this Championship and i think it will not be a disaster when we skip one round for your's GrandFinale Wink

Hoping that most of us got the same feelings as i do Wink
Quote from Spiiiky :Very intense first lap, after that I was safely cruising on 5th for half of the race, then I did the fatal error - I misclicked and accidentally downshifted from 2 to 1 instead of upshifting, which broke down my car. My max speed on oval part of the race track was lowered by more than 30 km/h, so I decided to retire.

Beside that error, great event.

Yeah watched your nice race and felt so sorry for your gear mischange. I know how easily that can happen when using gears from keyboard :/ Would have been very interesting to see how it would ended with you, Katila and Troy.

Here's my first 5 laps that also where the only non-boring laps in my race. Again forgot to change FOV before recording :/ You know what is laziness? I own a graphic card that supports three displays, I have three displays, but only one installed :/ and I play with big FOV just to see all mirrors...

Have to say I didn't prepare too well in this event. I had three different setups, took wrong setups for qualify and got slow time, in race setup I should have put longer 2nd gear to handle better T3, now too much over-revving but was able to keep engine damage level at 0.10% (yeah with Lazy add-on you can monitor your engine damage in percentages!)

Fragmaster's GTi Thursday
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