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Czech translation
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Czech translation
Hello, I've just translated Autocross.txt into Czech.

By the way, I'm also translating Commands.txt now, so expect translation of that, too

14.6. - Commands.txt translation is finished.
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Scawen, both of those files are translated and seen in first post so you can add them into the next test patch
Thanks, they are now saved in my patch folder.
Updated Autocross.txt
I've fixed some mistakes in Autocross.txt.
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Thanks, got it.
I have updated Autocross_Czech.txt and Commands_Czech.txt to be up-to-date with the latest patch.

In Commands_Czech.txt, I have added the new commands and some misc info about open configs in the /track command description and track codes.
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Got them, thanks
I made some updates & corrections to both Autocross_Czech.txt and Commands_Czech.txt. You can include them to the next version, Scawen
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Thank you! They are now in my patch folder.
Quote from Scawen :Do let me know if there are any other places where you need more characters and there is enough space.

I didn't want to spam the Spanish translation thread, so I'll ask here for one. It's a line called 3g_spenalty, where I'd like to put a 5-character word.
There is a problem with that because it's just the title of that "penalty" column in the results table.

Trouble is the column has to be very thin and so there isn't really space for a wide name and that's why I went for PTY in English.

I'm not sure anyone really knows what PTY means but when the see [30] or [DT] or whatever then they can figure it out. Hmm, now I see that [DT] / [SG] / [PIT] penalty reasons aren't translatable either...

A wider column would be nice but I'm just trying to keep the screen space usage to a minimum and it's one of those things that when you've learned what it means, you don't need the full explanation on the screen any more.

Well, those are my rambling thoughts on the matter.
Alright, fair enough. It's not that important since, as you said, everyone probably knows what SG or DT means anyway.

If those abbreviations were translatable, I think I would keep them untranslated. It would just look strange translated into Czech, because we use more words to describe the penalties. SG would translate to PBU, which makes no sense and nobody would know what it means. It could be different in other languages, though.

With the 5 letter word in the header, it would look like this:

Also I'm using lowercase there in the current version, but now I'm actually thinking of switching back to uppercase, although it makes the texts a bit more squashed.

Anyway, it's not a big deal, I'm just meticulous about these things.
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Funny,that latvian language needs just 4 letters...
Penalty = sods
Quote from Flame CZE :With the 5 letter word in the header, it would look like this:

All right, it's done!
Quote from eclipsed :funny,that latvian language needs just 4 letters... :d
penalty = sods

Thanks, got it! Thumbs up
Thanks, got it! Smile
I've updated the Czech texts translation.
I've updated Commands_Czech.txt for the latest test patch, including updated PPS.
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Thanks, got it! Smile

Czech translation
(23 posts, started )