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LFSPoints V2.4.0.8
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You can penalize points, but only by manually subtracting points using the "Adjust Driver Points" in the sub menu found when viewing the championship table and by Right-clicking the driver's name.
in the 3.0.0 version its impossible Frown In the 2.4.0 its possible but dont read all mprs, only a few, and i have not idea why,
LFSPOINTS V2.4.0.8 has so far read all replays. (But usually I do not make points, so not tested that much)
Can you upload/link a replay that does not work?
Quote :! Error !

Lo siento
No estás autorizado para entrar en el área de descargas.

Must register?
I tried to register but it said my email adress is "deshabilitado."
Or maybe uploade to or so.

What happens if you uncheck "[]Omit disqualified"? Maybe all drivers got penality for some stupid accidental reason.

I only changed the "Percent" number.
If it is higher than 66% then somehow all drivers disappear from championship. If it is <=66 then it idea why. The race looks normal. Or maybe you changed lapcount while race was running?
Or perhaps because it is open config?
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Hahahahaha, I Try this way. But tomorrow,... If works, really thanks
ohhh, thanks!!! only change the percent number and works!!
Quote from Gutholz :I do not know if it will work:
In the tracks.xml file I added this part for the Westhill configs:

<Track ShortName="WE" Name="Westhill">
<Config Km="4.40" Miles="2.73" Num="1">National</Config>
<Config Km="5.75" Miles="3.57" Num="2">International</Config>
<Config Km="0.0" Miles="0.0" Num="3">Car Park</Config>
<Config Km="0.48" Miles="0.30" Num="4">Karting</Config>
<Config Km="1.31" Miles="0.82" Num="5">Karting International</Config>

Replace LFSPoints\Data\tracks.xml with the attached version from zip.

ok, I tried loading a WE2R replay from cityliga.
Normal LFSpoints: crashed
LFSpoint with new tracks.xml: worked
No further testing because I am not familiar with tool anyway, and please note that it is unofficial.

Could someone make this for Rockingham too, please? Smile
To those of you who use LFS Points, add the following code to the "Tracks" file in the Data folder:

<Track Name="Rockingham" ShortName="RO">
<Config Num="1" Miles="1.930" Km="3.106">Issc</Config>
<Config Num="2" Miles="1.680" Km="2.703">National</Config>
<Config Num="3" Miles="1.490" Km="2.397">Oval</Config>
<Config Num="4" Miles="2.050" Km="3.299">Issc Long</Config>
<Config Num="5" Miles="0.620" Km="0.997">Lake</Config>
<Config Num="6" Miles="0.990" Km="1.593">Handling</Config>
<Config Num="7" Miles="2.420" Km="3.894">International</Config>
<Config Num="8" Miles="2.240" Km="3.604">Historic</Config>
<Config Num="9" Miles="1.370" Km="2.204">Historic Short</Config>
<Config Num="10" Miles="2.550" Km="4.103">International Long</Config>
<Config Num="11" Miles="1.680" Km="2.703">Sportscar</Config>
I updated the original .zip to add the new tracks to the Tracks.xml file. I don't have the source code for this any more so it's all I can do. Thanks for the fixes!

LFSPoints V2.4.0.8
(187 posts, started )