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Well I've just come back after years of not playing this game. My purchase of S2 is reaching its 10th anniversary this month Big grin

I never really raced much though, and I always sucked. My PB for XFG at BL1 is 1.35.70, and that's my most used car/track combination...

But after playing some Race07 and RaceRoom, I downloaded the latest LFS yesterday, and I don't know if it's the force feedback or what, but it's still the only racing sim that makes me feel I always know exactly what's going on. I will spin out so often in Race07 without knowing what happened, and I hardly ever get my car back under control once I start to spin, and in LFS I can comfortably go sideways around the track in an LX6. It's just phenomenal how real this still feels after all those years.
Quote from (-Mark-) :Too many from 2003! looks like an old peoples home in here.

No doubt. Back then, we could smoke in the pits, too.

I was doing a LOT of sim driving from 2002-2009 or so. Between LFS, Racer (, GTLegends, modded Nascar 2003, and some sim code I was writing, I got burned out. But LFS was my favorite for racing. I was started doing a few track day events a year, and real driving trumped sim driving.

Then my wheel broke, and my PC got old, so I just left the sim world.

But I missed it. I built a new PC last year, and last week I got a G27 at a good price, and installed LFS immediately. It's truly as fun as I remember it.

My big disappointment, however, is locating all my car setups. I know I have them somewhere.....
Oh, and where did all my PBs go on lfwsorld?

Anybody (especially you RSC denizens) remember the "West Brothers" sim images and vaporware?
Yes. Screenshots of actually rebuilding engines and all kinds of things... spark plug wires could melt and whatnot, definitely had the hype meter up high on that.
Quote from Vizor_ATX :Anybody (especially you RSC denizens) remember the "West Brothers" sim images and vaporware?

One of the render images I had as desktop wallpaper for a while:
"Racing Legends"
But now seems to redirect to something different. (Or maybe not? There is some car-stuff but seems to be something else)
Interesstingly there is still this: but site is much less content than I remember.

Too old setups will not work anymore, maybe better to start new 'collection' from / forums.
Not sure what I was expecting but here I am.

*Checks last race… only 6 years ago.*
yap, still some old fan
I miss LFS and being part of a great community. I got LFS when I was 13, and now I'm 26. Time flies.
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My wheel has sat for what seems like ever in the corner of my living room, on top of that pile of stuff you should really find a home for but never get round to doing.

With a part of real life turning a bit shitty right now, I found myself thinking about a time when life felt simpler and less burdened. Last night I found myself staring at the wheel. I free the trapped USB cable, slide the keyboard to one side, plug in the Driving Force Pro and let it do it's little rotation dance. Still seems to work fine. Now where's LFS? Oh, I'd better download it and unlock it. There we go.

Wow, the new Westhill is looking good. Pity my driving isn't. Never mind, let's go online and I'll figure out my way round.

Oh, there isn't anyone online. Not racing, anyway. Yes, it's late in the evening, but I'm in Europe. And there's nowhere to race other than demo BL1 servers. Hmm. I'll try tomorrow.

So I tried tonight and had some races. I was slow, struggling around at the back of the grid. I'd lost my touch and was having to relearn it again. But then as the tracks changed, first from WE2Y to KY2 to AS7Y, some synapses started to fire again. I began to remember where I needed to dab the brakes to shift the weight and settle the car, where to run the kerbs and where the last braking points were. And when did the XRG get ABS? It felt reassuring and also somewhat disconcerting that after so many years, there was still a place in my brain that told me how to drive certain tracks and attack certain corners. I wondered what the funny smell was and realised it was the dust in the wheel getting hot from the FFB motors.

As I scrapped for positions at the back of the field around an Aston configuration I barely ever drove in a car I never specialised in, real life weighed on my mind again and I shut down LFS and detached the wheel. I was 23 when I first started with LFS S1. How time flies. My little sejour back into LFS felt like a window into a previous time, because unfortunately that's what LFS is. The feel is still there which is what counts, but everything else looks and feels dated, as if it is, like me, 10 years older but prefers not to think about it.
Celebrating 10 years since I purchased LFS S2... damn, it's been a while. Haven't raced in over 4 years (or more).

Used to play.. a lot! I had the WR on blackwood Wink

Fun times!
I'm still here too after 8 years.
Are there any cookies around? I got milk right here.
Anyone remember Milk in First?
Nice guys, if a bit misguided on the correct way to brew tea...
Quote from mantis9 :Anyone remember Milk in First?
Nice guys, if a bit misguided on the correct way to brew tea...

You know who knows how to brew a good tea? Guy Martin. Seriously, look it up.
Nice post Strobe. Sorry to hear things aren't so great for you these days. I do identify with your sensations regarding LFS though; when one fires it up for a few laps after so many years it's familiar, comforting, sad, predictable, empty, interesting, and fun all at the same time - at least to me. If AC met LFS' multiplayer, I'd probably lose my mind altogether so perhaps I'm thankful that deficiencies exist in "the great new sim". (and I do think is it great btw)
Anybody know how i can reload skins?
The ones I made disappeared a couple of computers ago, yet I see a few of them on that thing on this site that shows the cars and describes them.

@strobe.... feeling Dated? LOL try going from parent to grandparent.
Hopefully things will get better for you.
When I stumbled across LFS, I was pretty spun out and not doing so good... I dunno playing a video game where you zip around in a circle, going nowhere fast seemed to help with the reality of doing the same thing in the real world Smile

Man, I suck at this.... on the new westhill, I can't get any better than 1:54 in any of the road cars. All the LX6 AI cars are getting 1:51s.
Hibernating since 2008/9, waiting for an incentive the play any sim racer since the plague first appeared on LFS, at the end of its golden years.

I dabbed into LFS from time to time, refreshing the server screen risking the diseases that killed it. Dangerous times those were.

And the years passed. Sometimes was summer, sometimes christmas. Populated racing servers in the middle of the plague started to become less and less.

Outside of it, none came close to the golden years.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way.
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the Cruise servers
Still here couple times a week, more out of habit than anticipation of S3 or other updates tbh.

Also T500RS has been collecting dust after AC became beentheredonethat. Not a fault of AC it has pretty damn good physics and immersion, but life is such that when you have 30mins pick up and play is where it is currently).

(I wonder does my irkki setup even work anymore, it has more dust than my wheel)
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Another oldy here (pre S1) Smile

Still lurking here from time to time to see if there are any S3 updates Smile
Not as old as you 2003 and 2004 farts, but still here. Not active in-game or forums though.
Quote from Mauni :Not as old as you 2003 and 2004 farts, but still here. Not active in-game or forums though.

I know you. Big grin

You should be active again. Tongue
I'm noob.
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