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XFG/XRG - Racing - New Server
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The fun we have, the races we have, the laughs we have are just awesome.

Superb video Litro.. Smile Smile

Some of the races are so gripping i close my eyes and hope for best lol
Awesome video Litro Smile
Subscribed on youtube Big grin
Thank you so much for making it Smile
Dat finish on WE was just awesome Smile
Don't worry about the stats, the most important thing is the racing. Big grin
haha zeu u slow Frown nice vid klitor
Quote from zeugnimod :Here's a good replay that can serve as advertiser for the server. 6 laps with very close and fair racing and in the end, the top 3 are seperated by 0,03 seconds. Big grin

So if you want to have racing like this, you have to join this server. Tilt

Considering there were only 4 of you, that's brilliant.

I hope to get some running on the server this week at some point.
Current Track Rotation (28 Tracks)

AS7r | FE4 | SO2 | BL1 | SO6 | AS5 | SO4 | FE2 | KY2 | WE1 | SO3r | AS2 | FE3r | AS4r | KY3 | BL1r | AS2r | AS7 | FE2r | SO6r | WE1r | SO4r | KY3r | AS3 | BL2 | FE1r | FE6r | WE1

Will be adding two more, but cant think what to add, 30 will be the max in rotation. Any ideas guys, let me no Smile
AS1, please! Big grin

And I think WE1 right after KY2 is a bit boring, since they both have long straights and heavily favour the XRG. Maybe you could switch it up a bit like: SO4 | KY2 | FE2 | WE1 | SO3r
Same for KY3r and AS3.
It would add a bit of diversity, IMO. Smile

Oh, and SO2 and SO3 could be a problem when the server gets its deserved popularity because of the 16-car-limit. Big grin
1) Rotation change to SO4 | KY2 | FE2 | WE1 | SO3r sequence
2) KY3r and AS3 has been changed too KY3R | BL2R | AS3

When the popularity increases then i will rethink tracks SO2 and SO3 Smile

AS1 added between | FE1r | FE6r |
Nice. Big grin
Anyone up for some races?
I have a nice Sunday evening free, anyone up for some racing Smile
I can only in tuesday Frown
Get more free time!
Some great racing tonigh guys Smile
Yeah, was great fun as always. Smile
Server update

The server has been re-named too

XFG/XRG S2 - Racing
Ok ok
Also now have a TS:
10 slots for now Smile
Already in this subforum, nice. Big grin

Everybody come join this great server. Tilt
ye you too zeugnimod
niceee guys! im in! Smile
Great racing tonight guys Smile

Will be on the look out for more team members/limads soon
whoooo many ppl and nice clean fights driving :o i like it

XFG/XRG - Racing - New Server
(153 posts, started )