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Post your desktop!
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Why not using desktop for some decent icons. Saves your time by 5-6 mouse clicks in average.
Icons are ugly. Windows is worse as applications seem to think the Desktop is the dumping ground for everything even sorta-relevant to anything.
I have like 3 permament icons in the desktop, and otherwise just use it as a quick storage buffer for video renders and Photoshop project files.

Otherwise, start menu for everything else.
as above, quick storage, taskbar for permanent anything (firefox,itunes,mycomputer)

my desktop only has a zip of my car's pictures im trying to sell
New one :P
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Quote from RandomnessInside :You have no games.

who said that? I have no games on my desktop as well and I play more games than anyone else.
Quote from CodeLyoko1 :who said that? I have no games on my desktop as well and I play more games than anyone else.

It was a joke right? Empty folder icon by the name Games.
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Had a spare SSD, so attempted hackintoshing on main X79 PC, running 10.9 Mavericks GM successfully. Everything working except discrete sound card, no one has made Mac drivers for it. Have to use onboard audio.
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Since getting twin display back in my life I've been changing wallpapers almost daily. My collection of wallpapers from the last 7 years is now useless as they are all 1680x1050.
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I got bored and decided to make one...
Just in case someone wants to use the layout, I've also attached 2 templates (16:9 only right now. I could do other ratios at some point...)
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Speedhunters always has a lot of nice pics to choose from. Got a folder full of pics, changes every 2 hours.
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I got bored after re-installing Windows 7 on my machine. I could've gone the simple 8 route but seeing as I had Windows 7 install stuff lying around on my USB stick and my PC needed a reformat, I thought why the hell not.

I need to get a 22" as my 2nd monitor. Currently running a 17" as 2nd.
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(Mysho) DELETED by Mysho

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The Soyuz of Expedition 39.
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Here's Mine
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ah, finally.
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Is it Fedora?
ubuntu gnome 14.04
same desktop here
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Post your desktop!
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