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R.I.P Tomek

This would have been great loss for every team in LFS and of course tremendous in real life to loose someone in such young of age.

Hope he is now racing in PRS (Perfect Racing Simulator) where timeouts, lags, crashers and other nasty features are unknown factors.

He will be in memories long time and not only in WR stats of LFS.

Deepest sympathies to all his family members and friends.

On behalf of Team WCL
Sad.. From what I remember he was a very talented and fast driver. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
We will miss him, that's for sure. The thing which I liked most in him is that he was honest to everyone. Telling what he thinks straight away. Fastest lap, pp and win. That's Tomek. Looks like he was way too fast and too good for the real life, sadly.
RIP Tomek, such an outstanding guy and it's hard to believe hes gone! So many hours I put up with him telling me my setups were utter rubbish haha!

Such a shame
I never got to know Tomek nor did I ever get to chat with him but I will never forget 2012 GT2WS at Blackwood.

He (got) spun on the pacelap had had to start near the back (directly in front of me). There was a turn 1 crash that I missed but Tomek got caught up in. I was running about 18th and Tomek got away from the crash in like 28th, probably 20 seconds behind the field. Well within 20 minutes, he has passed all 10 cars between us and arrived on my bumper. For one corner, he made a move up the inside, but I was able to hold him off around the outside and get a better exit. I beat him out of the corner and cleared him before the next corner. I just realized "OMG I just beat IMOL through a corner!!!" and my team mates freaked out because it was shown on stream. So I carried on, on the outside of my body I was telling myself: fight hard, don't give up, show him what I am made of, do not go down quietly...but deep down inside I was completely horrified!

I kept up the battle and the most memorable part of the next 2 laps was looking in the mirror, completely horrified, and just seeing that giant red 3id logo and hearing his horn blazing non-stop at me. With the horn blazing, I really wished I could stick my hand out the window and give him the finger...but knowing Tomek, that would just have fired him up even more.

...clearly, shortly after he got past me and drove off over the horizon...but those 2 laps were probably 2 of my most memorable laps I will ever have in LFS
I still can't believe.

This is how it started:

I remember how he got prepared for this race, he wanted to be faster than P. Peron from E-Team. After we started from last place he bring our car on 4th place. After all he told us that he sits on stool while driving and he has broken pedals so he had to use on wheel buttons for throttle and brakes. It was some shitty no-name wheel. Definitely the fastest Pole in LFS history.

Rest in Peace.
still can't believe...damn we drive before 3 days in GTWS and now wtf...2014 stard bad...i kwow he will be fast nevermind where he is...
This ones for you Tomasz. We did it today in a spontaneous matter. Suddenly, deko was pacing me and the others joined the cue to follow me.. I am proud to drive Your car, leading everybody around. I already miss You my friend !
Thank you so much for this movie Maik Paluch !
Coming more soon..
Still can't believe this news, just so sudden. I feel spooked to reflect and realise his final kilometres in LFS were spent pushing me back to pits after 12hr race...

Top competitor, he will be missed.
Absolutely thrilling and beautiful tribute by Maik. Thank you for your contribution in aim to tribute our best driver and our very good friend Tomek.

Speaking about my own experience with Tomek, I remember long talks with him about everything, but mainly about racing, of course, as we know how passionate was Tomek. I remember him dropping links to documentaries, articles, related to motorsport and its greatest personas. He was very easy person to chat with, but yet had his very strong opinion on certain topics, and you wouldn't change it for ages. His strong attitude, along with wild passion to motorsport made him the best LFS driver this platform has ever had. No doubt he was the fastest among us and he proved many, countless times.

As we all know, I had a personal request from Tomek to make a promo video about himself. Damn it was a very, very long and exhausting project, probably the most exhausting project I've ever had. I remember chatting hours 'n hours with Tomek about that video and doing it step-by-step. Listening to his wildest dreams and trying to make the video in the way Tomek wanted. There were many arguments and harsh talking over the process, but we both have come up with a pretty decent result. And you know what, now I am really proud of that project, because that's something I've done for Tomek and made him happy at difficult time, when he had personal problems and apparently it helped and made him happy. So sad, I can't help anyhow to Tomek this time, but all I can do is to pray for him. Rest in peace, my friend, our Senna.
R.I.P Tomek
When I saw Jack Basford posted on Tomek's wall an article with a comment "How I will remember you.", I had a bad feeling. I didn't want to believe the title. A few seconds later after exploring.. I was just shocked.

I didn't know Tomek so well, I actually knew him more as "IMOL", but still, I remember him as a good guy, fast LFS racer who was getting constantly faster and faster.. Especially in the era when I was still racing, GTAL, IGTC, MoE etc. I think the last time I "met" him was a few weeks/months ago on cargame server.

Thank you for the article Jack, and Mike for the emotional video. I regret I wasn't there. Rest in piece Tomek .

Does anybody know what happened? I saw the polish link with accident photos.
One of the most passionate and dedicated drivers in LFS. Tomek helped me a lot this year. Even though he came across as a bit cocky with an ego, he would be the first to help you if you had trouble driving fast. Which is what he was good at. There were many days where it was just me and him in the server and he spent his whole day watching me drive. When I thought he had gotten enough of watching me drive terrible laps and thought he had gone afk, then when I started doing good laps, I would just see a " See you're doing what i told you to do". Some might not of like tomek for his attitude on forums on or on the track, but when it was just you and him, you saw a whole different side of him who just wanted to give all the information he had so you could go fast as well. I will definitely miss him yelling at me to stop doing the same mistakes over and over.
Quote from lundqvist :This ones for you Tomasz. We did it today in a spontaneous matter. Suddenly, deko was pacing me and the others joined the cue to follow me.. I am proud to drive Your car, leading everybody around. I already miss You my friend !
Thank you so much for this movie Maik Paluch !
Coming more soon..

Couldn't hold my tears while watching that video Brought so many memories of driving together and chatting. He will be missed for sure.
Bad news like that always hit suddenly. Makes me really re-think about life and how fragile it can be...

Even when me and Tomek didn't get along, it is impossible to overlook his apporach to simracing. I think I'm speaking on behalf of many, but there won't be single race where his presence won't be missed. LFS racing community will never be the same without him. His fevered, no-matter-what-it-takes-to-win passion will be reminded. Not talking about pure talent which delivered that many succesful results.

My deepest condolences to Tomek's relatives, friends, and of course brothers on track.
Rest in peace, IMOL.

Thanks Maik, wonderful piece of art that you made in such short time. It shows even more that this video came right from your heart. Very nice gestures from whole community, I'm positively surprised.
I just wish he could troll me again. "MOOODAAAY, what are you doooin?! WHY DOU YOU BREAK THERE MOOODAAAY?! MOOODAY why do you drift MOOODAAAY? Why don't you hit the APEX MOOODAAAY?!"
Shocking.. RIP Tomek
rip tomek ,you will never be forgotten
what about somebody to post this unbelievable video on his facebook?
RIP Tomek , i miss you
Quote from BorislavB :what about somebody to post this unbelievable video on his facebook?

i already did..
Rest In Peace Tomek
Rest in peace. My condolences to his friends and family.
R.I.P. rebellious boy
R.I.P. Tomek...

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