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Formula M 2013
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w00t, it's about time I won for once! xD

Anyways, I pulled away from the group rather quickly, and after the start I was just running on my own, driving my own race. I was quite pleased with the fastest laptime I set (1:27.83) and managed to finish the race without bigger problems (although my front tires were almost done, see attachment). I also didn't practice quite at all for the race, only set the fastest time on the server like 2 weeks ago and now came to practice for a while before the race. I didn't know the fuel consumption either so I put 75% which was more than enough, I was left with like 20%.

Other than that, very clean for once. 4 different winners now, let's see who shall win the grand finale...

EDIT: Oh, and I just noticed, Yannick, Gary and Mihail are my only championship enemies now (mathematically).
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Shame i missed this race, but went cinema and wasnt back in time
Quote from Garazion :Shame i missed this race, but went cinema and wasnt back in time

Yeah I noticed you joined during lap 15 or so.
Since Remco has apparently left the adminning/management so I shall take everything under my hands for the last round...just give me some time and I'll update the standings and stuff.
10 4 good buddy.
just for clarification, he thought I left adminning because I didn't respond to him when I was eating. about 1 hour before the race he send me one of the most retarded pm's ever. " so you abandon adminning" " be my guest"

just to show you I didn't want to abandon you participant
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Well then... At least this happened before the last round, and not earlier in the season.
By the way, for some (very) odd reason the server had Fern Bay loaded in it and 5 laps set. I don't know how it happened but it's fixed now. The server probably died so it loaded the original track once it came back.
9.11.2013 Round 5: Kyoto National (5.2 km) - 29 laps (150.8 km)

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Drivers' Standings

By the way, the top time list before the server crash is now back up, thankfully.
Sorry to be one of those people who only race the first round (Saturdays are tricky for me) but many thanks for running this series, it was fun when I did get the chance

Good luck all in the final race!
I crashed as usual(or got stuck), if only the car had a reverse gear. It seems that i only finished on the first race :P

It was some good races anyway.
I want to thank the organisers for their work in this cup

Thank you all for taking part in the series, it means a lot to me to see that others showed interest towards it. I had good fun, although I honestly have to point out I barely had any challenge at all.

Also, my fastest lap was again faster than my PB, like in the previous races (South City excluded, DNF). I truly hope I would find more challenge next year. Like, for reference, I spun 4 times during the race and yet I won with a 58 second gap to the finisher behind, Velikov. (He finished 2nd in the championship as well).

Another one to point out was the general turn-up of the series; there were dozens of sign-ups but only about a half of them took part in at least one race. At least 14 drivers were on round 1 and 2, but then it became less than 10 onwards. I'm desperately waiting for the series to improve next year.

See the final championship results here.

Thanks again everyone!
And so the inaugural season comes to an end.

This was great fun throughout the course of the season, this last round excluded, since I didn't even see track time (daylight savings caught me off-guard). I hope to see even more competitors next year, and maybe a few more rounds. That would surely spice things up a bit. But I have to give a big thanks to Toumas and Remco, none of this would have happened without them!

I must give congratulations to Toumas, Yannick and Gary. They all performed great throughout the season. They deserve to be the top 3.

And now begins the process of finding ways to bide my time until the next Formula M season. I hope I won't be too bored for the time being. Perhaps I'll make a new skin, with the series logo and such to start the off-season.
Big thanks before the race to the guys who let my brother "drive" for a while. It means a lot and he was smiling the entire time.
Quote from Mr. Kninja :I must give congratulations to Toumas, Yannick and Gary. They all performed great throughout the season. They deserve to be the top 3.

Gary finished 4th in the championship lol
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Formula M 2013
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