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Albany Down
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Because when our producer asked us to bring him an album which we liked the overall sound of, our guitarist brought Joe Bonamassa's "Sloe Gin" so ours is getting mastered at the same place.

This album is a veritable international collaboration. Scottish singer, English guitarist and Drummer, Anglo-Australian bassist, Welsh producer, Kiwi studio engineers and we had a session Hammond organ player record his parts in New Zealand. If only the string quintet had been European or Asian we'd have it sorted.
First gig of 2010 set up for January 2nd. Ring in the New Year (a little bit late) at The Horn. Be among the first to hear what effect the recording process has had on the new songs! Learn the words in time for the album release in spring!

Yes I should update this thread more often, but I forget.
Some new gigs up on the list. Unfortunately most of them are shithole pubs, so whether or not they're worth playing, let alone coming along to, is anyones guess. The Esquires gig should be good though - the last couple of times we've played there has been good fun with a decent crowd. Anyone around Bedford should look in on that one. The Horn in St Albans is a good one too, small but with a really good home crowd.

Album release has been pushed back to early summer while we continue to argue about artwork
First single "The Morning After" is up on iTunes for the bargain price of 79p! Unfortunately I can only confirm it's available in the UK since our US friends can't seem to get it. Not sure about the rest of the world.
Apologies for the artwork, our bassist did it in a hurry for a competition

We've been advised by A&R peeps not to release the full album just yet, so you'll have to wait for that. But at least the artwork has been decided now
Anyone around Milton Keynes on Sunday should look into The Centre where Samsung are running a live music event - and we're playing at it. 12:30pm for a few minutes.
There'll be plenty of video cameras and then an opportunity to go and vote for your favourite band of the day (which would be us, in case you're wondering) when the voting goes live on June 9th.

It's free, so you've nothing to lose!
Anyone in or around the Stevenage area can come along to the Coach & Horses where we'll be playing for a couple of hours tomorrow night from about 9pm. Free entry and everything!

And here's a more detailed update for anyone interested.

During the summer we filmed our first music video. All recorded in a single day in some very very expensive pub (£6 for a bottle of beer? GTFO). Hard work, but good. Who'd have thought pretending to play a 3 minute song a few times would be tiring? The A&R people have said we're not allowed to share it yet, but everyone so far has been really impressed with it.
We followed that up with a photoshoot in the same place where I was forced to have a dodgy haircut. Not impressed. But it's grown out now so that's all good.

We got a runners-up prize in the International Acoustic Music Awards with our song Without You, which is pretty damn cool, especially since it's not actually an acoustic song. Not sure exactly how many bands entered, but they quote "thousands" in their emails. But to even get a prize against that number is great.

The album is due out early next year - February, March time. It's called South of the City and you want a copy. Touring Europe in the summer of 2011.
Blimey, epic thread bump! I didn't realise it had been quite so long.

South of the City is going to be released in March, although a firm date hasn't been sorted yet. Rumours say the 7th, but I have nothing concrete. A European tour is supposed to follow.
Bizarrely, we're going to lay down the first couple of tracks for our 2nd album in March as well. It's a bit weird.

Right now we're looking for people to rate us for the Brunswick Blues & Jazz Festival, a yearly event in Canada. We were robbed (judging by crowd reaction) of the guaranteed place so we're now looking for all the votes we can get.
Check out the Albany Down performance here:

So please vote. And if you wanted to vote down the other bands while you're at it, I can't stop you (as you can see, one other band in particular has been increasing at the exact same rate we've decreased - coincidence, obviously)
5 stars from me. Very interesting performance.

My dad (a 65-year-old Iron Maiden fan, FTW) today reeled off a list of bands he likes at the moment, one of which was Albany Down. I thought 'hang on a minute, that sounds familiar....' dug out this thread and lol and behold it was our very own Dajmin's band. I thought that was pretty cool.

Small world
I still think I'm probably the only person in Western Canada that's bought both of Dajmin's bands albums
@Crashgate3: That is bloody impressive. Pass on my thanks to your dad. He's obviously one cool dude and way ahead of the curve

@dawes: You could be right. My girlfriend's parents have both, but they're in Toronto so you're safe for now. Although to be fair, the list of people who have EITHER album is pretty small. It's not like we're rivalling... anyone for sales

Albany Down
(111 posts, started )