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Let me offer you another explanation. Scawen has never mentioned that he's using some versioning system, so I'm gonna go with assumption that he simply copy-pastes LFS' source whenever he needs to create a new development "branch".

Actually he's doing exactly that, as he admitted in one talk we had here in the forum. (unless he did change the practice over years)
The Reason why we are all here is because LFS has the best Physics, the Devs try to make this Physics better and better and you all cry, that illogical. Yes its a slow Progress but this is better as nothing. Some new Tracks or Cars are too less to sacrifice Time. All previous Combos can revive if the new Physics are Brilliant again.
It maybe a mistake to say but i will say it.
Guys I understand why are you so angry and impatient ... But I think the devs are slow on purpose . I see that all of you say negative things . So why not making those negative things in positive and start motivating the devs ? All you might starting hating me for that but I used to that
Nobdy is angry, nobody is impatient. But yes.. You start to wonder what the condition is with the two guys sitting in a corner. Saying nothing and just staring with glassy eyes which seem to last forever.

If you saying things like this; .. More then THREE years ago... What kind of motivation do they need then?

I'm afraid the only proper motivation is to all leave.

Time for a different approach?
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