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Would be great if it is like TDU but is still a 'realistic' game. Hopefully it still has the tuning features and isn't just a basic racer.
20 Dollars for 30 Porsches i can mess with to my hearts content? That's a amazing deal. Gonna definitely have to buy a HDD now.
Quote from mrbogeyman :Maybe not the right thread to ask this....but it does apply to Forza 4...

I didn't see an Xbox 360 thread after a quick glance thought the Hardware forums.

I'm in Malaysia, and 'chipped' Xbox 360s are the norm over here. So, I have a chipped Xbox, meaning I can buy local copies. I did see about getting non-chipped, but it is more unusual.

Anyway, I assume I am totally screwed when it comes to putting my Xbox 360 online and getting content updates?

Not if u have the latest hacked firmware.
Quote from flymike91 :bs that porsche pack should be free for their failure to strike a deal in the first place.

and people continue to complain about the game with the best bang for buck in terms of digital cars. (standard cars in GT5 personally is worthless.)
Juan Pablo Montoya will be the star of this month's King of the track. ZR1 @ Indy GP. Can't wait to play today
I lost my Forza 4 save, so I started again. I've been using my FIAT for most of the races, got it setup as a B class car. Here are some of my cars...

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he must be one of those trayvons
Quote from jibber :Ewww...

I was testing out the low suspension glitch on those cars, sold both of them now.

EDIT: Seeing as you loved those cars so much, here's another...

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Everyone gave up on this ?
Quote from Dennis93 :Everyone gave up on this ?

I just got it recently after buying a 360, im a bit annoyed though, the online racing is soo much dirtier then GT5.

Everyone thinks there Kyle Busch.
Quote from Mustafur :Everyone thinks there Kyle Busch.

Nah, racer's just still think their racing the ai in season mode
Anyone interested doing some lfs racing sessions with forza 4? We could try some xrt action (mitsubishi starion) or just play forza4 together with some different cars.

I just took a look at the server options available in forza4 and it seems there is no password option or private room setting available. You can create your own room but it is then open to everyone and I have no idea how you can find those rooms as there is no code or address like there is with gt5 for example.

There are few other options as well for creating a server. One is our lfs club which can have its own session just for club members but you need to be a member to get into to those (joining our lfs club can be a problem if you are already in some other club or just do not want to join our lfs club. Getting into the lfs club should not be difficult though). And the other one is a room for friends which means the person hosting the server needs to have you on his friendslist.

I also found one incredibly annoying feature with xbox. Because I have my consoles and my pc connected to one monitor the xbox restarts everytime I switch my monitor to pc mode from the console (pc and consoles connected to monitor by hdmi). So I can't check any lfs forum threads while hosting which makes managing it kind of difficult.

Anyways, if you are interested feel free to add me as your friend (my xbox nick is FinerElf64, mention you are from lfs though!) if you want and let's try organize some date and time for our first session to see how it works.

Compared to gt5 forza4 has awesome car and track selection imho and it has great potential for racing imho.

Anyone interested? I can host the server.
You can have a private server just insure everyone is freinds with the host so they can join.

Im Intrested my live tag is: mustafur
Oh yeah and there is a free addon car available for download. 2013 SRT Viper GTS
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Must get pack this one.......
Meanwhile in GT5, Skyline's the limit...
How does the G25/G27 feel with forza 4? I have 2 options. Buy my friend's Xbox and a g25 so i can get my fix temporarily on forza and a low end pc on lfs OR start building a new pc piece by piece.
Quote from Sueycide_FD :How does the G25/G27 feel with forza 4? I have 2 options. Buy my friend's Xbox and a g25 so i can get my fix temporarily on forza and a low end pc on lfs OR start building a new pc piece by piece.

Logitech wheels dont work on xbox (there are some adapters around but dunno how they feel/if they work/what they are called)
Quote from JackDaMaster :Logitech wheels dont work on xbox (there are some adapters around but dunno how they feel/if they work/what they are called)

The adapter is the XCM F-1 Converter

It's around $100 and is pretty much a waste of money lol
im going to pick up a fanatec csr this friday for 290 pedals and other baubles included
all them add ons go with the season pass bar the over rated beetle one right ?
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FRS/GT86/BRZ forza quick test

Leguna Seca Laptimes:
AP1 - 1:46.2
FRS - 1:48
NC - 1:50
GTI - 1:50.1

FRS has better body control than the NC but NC feels more grippy and less touchy at the back, while AP1 and FRS feels about equally stiff, FRS has less front end inertia.

(test done with 10% grip reduction and realistic OEM springrate.)
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I don't know if anyone else uses this but it gave Forza 4 an entire new life for me.

I got bored of the game pretty quickly when I was using the controller. It just felt more like I was directing a car rather than driving it and they all felt pretty much the same. I couldn't justify spending a lot of money to buy a FFB wheel setup that would be collecting dust and taking up space in my house most of the time, plus I was so used to driving with a controller that I thought I could never switch.

I bought the wireless speed wheel after reading a lot of reviews online that said it was either a useless gimmick like the Wiimote, or a really fine and precise wheel with a few compromises, mainly the controller is missing L1+R1 buttons. I bought the wheel at Gamestop for $20 used and hated it the first few races, but after I dialed in the settings I was quickly back up to and exceeding my lap times with the controller. That was great, but what was better is that the game is 100% more fun and engaging now. The people who gave it poor reviews gave up on it far too quickly. You can feel the different driving dynamics of every different car. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I just thought I would share my experience with this wheel for those who are still using the controller, but aren't serious enough sim racers for a FFB wheel.
I will never use a wheel that I have to physically hold up in the air. Ever.

Forza Motorsport 4
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