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Forza Motorsport 4
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I don't know if anyone else uses this but it gave Forza 4 an entire new life for me.

I got bored of the game pretty quickly when I was using the controller. It just felt more like I was directing a car rather than driving it and they all felt pretty much the same. I couldn't justify spending a lot of money to buy a FFB wheel setup that would be collecting dust and taking up space in my house most of the time, plus I was so used to driving with a controller that I thought I could never switch.

I bought the wireless speed wheel after reading a lot of reviews online that said it was either a useless gimmick like the Wiimote, or a really fine and precise wheel with a few compromises, mainly the controller is missing L1+R1 buttons. I bought the wheel at Gamestop for $20 used and hated it the first few races, but after I dialed in the settings I was quickly back up to and exceeding my lap times with the controller. That was great, but what was better is that the game is 100% more fun and engaging now. The people who gave it poor reviews gave up on it far too quickly. You can feel the different driving dynamics of every different car. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I just thought I would share my experience with this wheel for those who are still using the controller, but aren't serious enough sim racers for a FFB wheel.
I will never use a wheel that I have to physically hold up in the air. Ever.
I prefer games where I just watch the AI race for me while I drink. GT5 B-Spec FTW
Its more accurate to think of it as a controller, which you hold in the air in exactly the same way.
Surely it can't produce any directional force, so how can it feel like anything other than holder a controller in the air albeit with your hands in a different position?

Still, for $20 who really cares?!
Quote from MAGGOT :I will never use a wheel that I have to physically hold up in the air. Ever.

It just looks..... daft
the wireless wheel surprisingly is a very good substitute when you can't use your real wheel, like for me when I am moving from home and just want a quite burst for forza here and there.
No, I am not hyped.
"All In-Game Footage"... from somewhere in the game except parts where you drive cars.
gran turismo has already done it

Forza Motorsport 4
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