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Forza Motorsport 4
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i bought the Xbox today..... and apparantly it came wit Forza 3, so i asked if i could just swap since the price was the same.. but noooooooooooooooooooo... wankers.
Got my 360 free with my laptop and looking to get forza 4, is it any good?

By good I mean, how would an LFSer objectively review the game?

I'm liking the topgear style stuff, would be cool to have fifa style commentary while racing around.
Personally, I enjoy it, quite a lot infact. I love the social aspects of it like the storefront, and the fact that everyone else who plays the game is as passionate about cars as you are.

Compared to Forza 3, the career part is much better too. In FM3, it was just race after race which quickly became tedious. In Forza 4 however, there are a lot more modes that break it up, like autocross, trackday modes and much more. Rivals mode online is epic too (Damn you Danowat! ).

In short, just buy the damn thing! It's fantastic fun, and I am sure you will love the physics.

Edit: Forgot to add, make sure you have plenty of space left on your hard drive. Forza 4 is a big game!
thanks for the review.

I've got the smallest HDD, but the 360 is basicly just going to be a forza 4 rig so I should have enough space.

Dont need LIVE to get any updates do I?

also, does the G25 work fully?
updates come with Live silver (free) account too.

G25 isn't support on XBOX at all, zero. it won't regonize it.
Does anybody knows How are Logitech wheels functioning with XCM F-1 Conventer?
I saw some videos and Im not sure about sensitivity and feedback.
worthless is what it is.
yeah just looked a few pages back and from the vid... horrible. Owhelll was in the market for a new wheel anyway. which fanatech is the good one? from the website I cant tell which is the premiere model.

OMG CSR elite FK I wish I could afford that
the only option to go for really, just need to decide between the GT2, CSR and CSR elite.

premiere model is the CSR elite, sorry I don't remember much features off the top of my head.

But i've upgrade from a G25 to the GT2 and it is a vast improvement, it also supports the G25 pedals which I am still using. so there's a option for gradual upgrading.
I might want to get a loan, or borrow off my retirement for the CSR Elite wheel and pedals.

Maybe even throw in some home equity.
I just bought Forza 4.

Can't wait to do some engine swaps and go pwn bugattis in a Moskvich!
I've just read this thread and it makes me a bit sad about GT5.
I hope japs will take notes and implement some of those FM4 goodies into GT6. As good, as it is, some things there are very iritating.
Those reflections looks absolutely insane
The new DLC is great fun! just cant get over how damn soft the Fiat coupe is.
I may be behind on all of the patches and updates, but I am curious about the steering linearity, has that problem actually been fixed, or are there only workarounds?
Quote from legoflamb :I may be behind on all of the patches and updates, but I am curious about the steering linearity, has that problem actually been fixed, or are there only workarounds?

it can currently be countered with the wheel's linerity setting on the fanatec but it isn't perfect. On the other hand some CSR users are reporting the issue is solved with a latest firmwire that is not yet available for other wheels, so it could be fixed in a future firmware update.
I guess ill get FM4 or FMX when i can get myself a CSR wheel, either elite or otherwise it'll still be a while. washing machines are exxpensive...

It's a toyota supra...
Teach me oh Lord Skinmaster JJ72
Quote from JJ72 :

Put it on the marketplace! I don't care if it costs a million credits, I will buy it.
This game is the best 'almost' sim I've ever played, full of enjoyment I'm so blown away of how fun and challenging it is!

Forza Motorsport 4
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