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Forza Motorsport 4
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Quote from mr_x :Forgot to mention it's 4WD. Did it last night again in a Lotus Elan and beat my time again (by 0.050 sec), I'm 189th in the leaderboard for it.

On nurburging? I don't see it.
Quote from FPVaaron :On nurburging? I don't see it.

Gamertag is TheRealChris, I'm on there somewhere! Will check exactly where when I get home.

EDIT: Gone down to 193rd
My S Class Powerhouse :hyper:

Is the customization same as Forza 3?

I've ordered forza 4 and the new slim xbox 360 with kinect, I could not resist because forza 2 and 3th was awesome
Quote from Highsider9 :My S Class Powerhouse

Isn't that an E?


Quote from JJ72 :S class for its PI rating.

Oh, that class. :doh:
Random slideage with lfs mates.
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Trying to join club! (Just search for LFS in clubs I assume?)
Got this today...will be up online sometime after MOTD
Is it just me or are forza servers down like every 10 minutes? I want to rake in some cash in rival mode.
Quote from Highsider9 :

You know that being "on the rag" and "ragging" your car are two different things right?
Got the november car pack. Loving the '57 chevy in all its jellyness.
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I luv DMC
Damn that delorean looks sexy!

Do you need a hard drive to take higher resolution photos?
damn that really makes me want to get a wheel. nice drifting!
I bought an Xbox just for this game.

Feel free to add me if you want an easy win, my gamer tag is "Jakg666"
holy smoke some unexpected entries there.
Yay scirocco :d
Shit, I really need an Xbox.

Forza Motorsport 4
(465 posts, started )