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Next Gen Community Drift Tournament (Work In Progress)
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actually sounds interesting, but depends on date and time for me.
Quote from Raunokas :LFS Name: Raunokas
Racername: [iD] Rauntz
Time zone: +3 GMT ?
Number: 666

for the number lol
LFS Name: Steinhamm
Racername: [iD] Woodish
Time zone: +1 GMT
Number: 225
LFS Name: Denny12
Racername: Puma
Time zone: +2
Number: 52
LFS Name: toridriver
Racername: DSpec°Tori
Time zone: gmt+1
Number: 36
LFS Name: Drifter224
Racername: DSpec°HasH
Time zone: UTC
Number: 224
Well NGC has closed as a team, but I am getting in contact with WikidHunter about still holding this event. Either myself (former NGC founder) or Wikid (Former NGC Founder) will post an update on here ASAP.

Please feel free to continue signing up, as there is a large chance the event will still be held.
LFS Name: Omar1
Racername: SHxSubw00fer
Time zone: UTC
Number: 169
LFS Username: Superly
Racer Username: ShxSeano
Time: UTC
Number: 631
LFS Name: tobygreen
Racername: SHxSLiiDE'
Time zone: UTC
Number: 42
LFS Name: Exile R
Racername: DSpec Ben
Time zone: GMT -5
Number: 000
so when will be event?
waiting on a response from WikidHunter. I would say sometime mid/late this month.
Sign up form: lvlarti
LFS Name: lvlarti
Racername: Marti Castells
Time zone: +1/+2
Number: 086
LFS Name: jjjeeefff
Racername: JayPee
Time zone: +2 UTC
Number: 66

Next Gen Community Drift Tournament (Work In Progress)
(40 posts, started )