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Next Gen Community Drift Tournament (Work In Progress)
(40 posts, started )
Next Gen Community Drift Tournament (Work In Progress)
*Check Back Often For Updates*

Next Gen Drift Tournament #1

Welcome to the page of the first Next Gen Drift Tournament.
Our goal for this tournament is to see how many people are still wanting a annual drift tournament. If enough people like this idea and join this tournament then we will have these events once a month starting this summer. This first one will only be until December. The next one will be starting in February of next year and will be like stated before only once a month.

Think of this tournament like a D1gp for LFS. Each round will start off with 32 people doing solo runs. Then only 16 people will go to the tandem rounds. I will be judging from a helicopter view to see the 3 key factors (speed, angle, and line). In the tandem runs I will watch the lead car. If you get out of my view then you are too far away from the lead car.

I hope you all think this is a good idea and I hope to see you there.

Car used: XRT

Tracks: Autocross Layouts, KY2R Layout, and more to come.

Date & Time: To be announced [Sometime Beginning of June]

Sign up form:
LFS Name:
Time zone:

People Signed Up
Muhi_GP (Number: 45)
papadogas (Number: 10)
quick. (Number: 12)
details123 (Number: 14)
Gr1jkeeRU (Number: 113)
Speed Senna (Number: 83)
UnknownMaster21 (Number: 21)
MousemanLV (Number: 333)
NucleaREVO (Number: 27)
Mumpen1991 (Number: 11)
Rik97 (Number: 6)
narkoze (Number: 7)
BMW_E36_M3 (Number: 69)
Haxxor (Number: 13)
T0mas (Number: 23)
KLIMA Zdenek (Number: 99)
edge3147 (Number: 420)
F1 mainiac (Number: 04)
Udris1992 (Number: 777)
greg_slideways (Number: 48)
Rayu (Number: 8)
Raunokas (Number: 666)
speeddemon6 (Number: 39)
Steinhamm (Number: 225)
Denny12 (Number: 52)

LFS Name: Muhi_GP
Racername: [HDT] Muhi
Time zone: GMT +1
Number: 45
(Papadogas) DELETED by Papadogas
LFS Name: quick.
Racername: Deivukas
Time zone: +2 gmt
Number: 12
LFS Name: details123
Racername: EE.Sandler'R
Time zone: +2 gmt
Number: 14
LFS Name: Gr1jkeeRU
Racername: D.PRO.grijkee
Time zone: +4 gmt
Number: 113
LFS Name: Speed Senna
Racername: MTDZX-Antti
Time zone: +03.00 UTC
Number: 83

Hopefully i can be there
LFS Name: UnknownMaster21
Racername: MTDZX-Master #21
Time zone: +03.00 UTC
Number: 21
LFS Name: MousemanLV
Racername: D.PRO.GRANNY
Time zone: +2 gmt
Number: 333
LFS Name: NucleaREVO
Racername: D.PRO.NucleaR
Time zone: +2 gmt
Number: 27
LFS Name:Mumpen1991
Racername:MTDZX-Master #11
Time zone:+02:00 UTC
LFS Name: Rik97
Racername: MTDZX-Rik97
Time zone: + 02:00 UTC
Number: 6

What time and what day will the events?
LFS Name: narkoze
Racername: Rocketeer
Time zone: +2 gmt
Number: 7
LFS Name: BMW_E36_M3
Racername: Rokas^
Time zone: GMT+2
Number: 69
LFS Name: Haxxor
Racername: SKVGR.Haxxor
Time zone: GMT +1
Number: 13
LFS Name: T0mas
Racername: Lukas
Time zone: GMT +2
Number: 23
LFS Name: KLIMA Zdenek
Racername: [APR]Zdenda
Time zone: +2 UTC
Number: 99
LFS Name:edge3147
Racername:[NGD] Psycho
Time zone: -5 GMT
Number: 420
I am so glad this is looking good.

I will put the layout we will start the event off on the [NGD] Next Gen Drift server sometimes. PM me for times.
Quote from haxxor :LFS Name: Haxxor
Racername: SKVGR.Haxxor
Time zone: GMT +1
Number: 13

once a betrayer, always a betrayer
LFS Name: F1 mainiac
Racername: -TRR- King
Time zone: GMT +3
Number: 11 is taken so 04
LFS Name: Udris1992
Racername: inertiaMS-We3D
Time zone: +2 GMT
Number: 777

LFS Name: greg_slideways
Racername: Warlab Tilly S
Time zone: -4 gmt
Number: 48
#23 - Rayu
LFS Name: Rayu
Racername: osDt-RayU
Time zone: GMT+1
Number: 8
LFS Name: Raunokas
Racername: [iD] Rauntz
Time zone: +3 GMT ?
Number: 666
Representing Team 420!

LFS Name: speeddemon6
Racername: D. Hammond
Time zone: GMT-4
Number: 39

Next Gen Community Drift Tournament (Work In Progress)
(40 posts, started )