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well i dont find it challenging at all.... i left it on my desk for a month, then decide to do some racing on the cycled production lobby and i won 5 out of 8 races by a mile.
Quote from ATC Quicksilver :Put it on the marketplace! I don't care if it costs a million credits, I will buy it.

It's on! Just search "craft" under the ford manufacturers.
Quote from el pibe :well i dont find it challenging at all.... i left it on my desk for a month, then decide to do some racing on the cycled production lobby and i won 5 out of 8 races by a mile.

how about hitting the spec hotlaps and report back.
fyi, i was top 10 on the autocross leaderboard for about 2 weeks now im at 46...
B-Class time attack is by far the best. Rivals is fun too, but i normally just use that for when i need monies.
So after taking a break from this game hoping the various problems are sorted I tried some online racing...

Online racing is just so awful in this game. Once you side by side with anyone they either try to spin you around or then try to ram you off in the next corner. The races are pure wreckfests.

You can not even kick the players because the system is fundamentally broken because of design flaws. Between the races you can only have one voting and the wreckers know this and are very fast to start random votings so that no one else can start kick vote about them. Basically they just block the votes against them by starting random votes.

In gt5 there is always the room owner who can keep things the way he wants and generally the wreckers are gone after their first race...

For online racing gt5 beats this hands down no contest. Personally I think I'm done with forza in regards to its online racing part. It is just totally plain useless because of huge number of wreckers and totally bad driving standards and unsportsmanlike driving. It is just really bad. And the punch line of the joke is I actually paid for the damn live gold to play this online...
online casual racing is bad, but so is on every console game.

organized racing on the other hand...
Imho in forza every random multiplayer game is bad because of wreckers. Every game. I think I've had like handful races in forza4 that were good and some of those were races where there was only one or two other drivers who were same speed as me. Other than that it's much worse than in gt5 imho.

In gt5 in worst case scenario it takes few tries to find a lobby with fair drivers and active lobby owner. I have not played gt5 recently though so things may have changed but in gt5 I don't remember ever stopping playing because of being continously wrecked online but in forza it is just frustrating. In gt5 it also helps when cars that are clearly trying to just ram people off are not able to collide other players because the game makes them "ghosts". It is arcade feature but it really helps.

I don't really want to do leagues or organize times for events. I want to race when I can and not when the clock says so.
If it had like a registration system (in X minutes race starts, Y players signed up) that would work.
or dedicated servers with admin powers.

Personally I only use rivals mode. I love doing the challenges where you avoid traffic and try to get the fastest clean time. Its difficult, but I would rather be challenged by difficulty than stupidity.
I hate the rival mode races with traffic. I can't drive precise enough with the normal controller.
I haven't had a issue with drifting yet to be honest. The rooms i'm in if you don't go to choosing car within 5 seconds, you get voted. Then again i've only tried Circuit once and in drifting, i'm normally first to the line.
the veloster turbo is quite a good D class car
anybody pick up the starion? I felt obligated.
I have, but that engine note and response put me to sleep!
I like the stability, plus i get to recreate all my XRT skins
Found it pretty fun with the gamepad, I'd bet it'd not be so with a wheel.
The cars from the limited edition version are released for errrryone! No more SC300 jelly moments
Quote from legoflamb :Found it pretty fun with the gamepad, I'd bet it'd not be so with a wheel.

with a fanatec its 5 times more fun at least.
Hey guys. Despite the fact that my Storefront was completely ruined by trolls lately, I have decided NOT to let it get to me. As a result, I have decided to carry on making paintjobs for FM4, even if the trolls come back and ruin my storefront again.

First up is a JDM EK9 Civic. It doesn't show up too much in the pictures, but I have gave it carbon fibre trim/bonnet/boot/roof/lip kit and some JDM stickers. Looks great, and will do other colours on request.

Next up is my Reyland paintjob grafted onto the Mk1 Ford Focus. Simple enough paintjob, but looks nice and now means you can have the full set of Reyland cars in FM4.

This one is similiar to one I made in FM3, which was very popular and even became the highest rated paintjob for the XKR-S and XFR! It's a replica of Jaguars R1 F1 car used in the 2000 season.

This last one is one that I am very proud of. It's took me around 20 hours in total, with everything being made by myself. It's a 100% exact replica of the 2003 Castrol WRC Focus, as driven by Markko Martin and Michael Park in the "Rallye De France".

And of course, this is what a WRC car is made to do...

Thank you for reading. All these paintjob are available for FREE on my storefront. Just simply search for my gamertag "cossieburn". I hope you enjoy seeing my paintjobs as much as I enjoyed making them.


EDIT: Oh btw, I have since added hood pins to the bonnet and boot of the WRC Focus since taking those photos. Make sure to check it out!
jag and focus look very sweet, good job
Thanks pal! Makes it all worth it.
I just clicked this thread without noticing which thread it is.

I saw some pictures loading so I scrolled down to go directly there.

Scrolling, scrolling, I stopped exactly on 6th picture. Saying to myself, wow, nice real photo of Focus.

Then I got confused because I checked I am in Forza 4 thread.

Man, that is one awesome looking Focus and this is the first time I ever got mistaken when judging whether it's real or PC.

Literally. That's my story. Have a nice day.
Georgous skins and screenies! :lovies3d:

You guys are too nice.

Forza Motorsport 4
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