The online racing simulator
then the race?
Around 19:00 or 19:10
then it is mouse for me
what's pass???
I didn't have a pM
Quote from rik97 :what's pass???

password: cleaner

All signed up have been pmed
Real Name: Sami Huovinen
LFSWorld Name: Jatimc
Nationality*: Finland
Team: N/A
Desired Race Number: 69
Real Name: Saulius Vilcinskas
LFSWorld Name: Moraco
Nationality*: Lithuanian
Team: Elite™
Desired Race Number: 77
Real Name: robin
LFSWorld Name: cyclo
Nationality*: netherlands
Desired Race Number: 5
(teppo.jr) DELETED by teppo.jr : don't need any :D
shame that i joined later cuz i needed to do something buy my qual was quite good 6th place and i never race with that car on this track
Fast reply teppo.jr
I had a crash to but because of my PC
I will protest daf27.
With the start in turn 1 he cutted me and I drifted(almost crash) and was changeless

Yes, you are right, you slowed down and I hit you - no protest on that.

From my perspective:

1) I saw 'Nascar official time out'
2) Then the huge crash on T3 while me and Teppo.jr was at full speed
3) A yellow flag was shown
4) I did not slow down - but in my defense no one else did either (neither did Teppo.jr). I suspect the crash would've mulitplied had we slow down.
5) Me and Teppo.jr continued to race
6) We came onto the leaders that slowed down and formed a slow pack just after T1 - this was unexpected for me
7) Me and Teppo.jr hit the brakes, me slower than him, I touched his rear right corner
8) He lost control and slewed in front of me
9) Several other cars, that also did not slow down, hit me

I plead quilty to not slowing down for the yellow flag at T3 which ultimately caused me to not slow down fast enough when the leaders slowed down.

I missed something somewhere. Apologies.
I will like to protest:

04 B. Velinov, lap 2 last corner. He started to slide and smashed me off track

I will like to protest:

04 B. Velinov, lap 18 and 19 SC situation. Had to brake and he drove into the back multible times.

I will like to protest:

77 S. Vilcinskas, lap 20. Asked permission to speak. Then he complaints about me 2-3 car gap which is be advised on the Race Control.

I will like to protest:

16 M. Porins, lap 51 last corner. He slides to the outside of the corner, easy to deal with when you lift the gas alittle. Instead he bumped into me and gets me in trouble.
Quote from Jettascuba :From my perspective:

2) Then the huge crash on T3 while me and Teppo.jr was at full speed
3) A yellow flag was shown
4) I did not slow down

When yellow flag is displayed, always slow down. We'll fix the order if people pass you. The yellow flag crash on the 2nd period was erased as you saw in running order. We would have put you back into place had you been passed under the caution as long as we noticed it or you alerted us of the problem.

Speedy J lost connection leaving me to the event along with the SC. I was basically left to admin the event alone after that. I'm sure something happened there not of his fault. I'll have to find out what happened there. The SC was not for that however.

Edit: Protests will be decided upon in the final results. Those will be releced at some time prior to New Year's Eve.
I agree.

BUT: nobody slowed down for the yellow flag. And the safety car coming out was totally unexpected. I watched the replay a few times and it seems like nobody knew the SC was out as everyone just hit me at full speed - my car flew over the SC and Jati, meaning there were even cars at full speed (270+kph) coming up to the SC causing an increase in my after crash momentum. The only car that seemingly knew about the safety car and slowed down was Jati. My first warning was '45 fall in behind 88'.

Slowing down rapidly in T3 on a yellow flag is not really a viable option, I would've slided, into some of the cars on the outside lane.

Frankly, there was two groups of cars in T3 - a slow group and a fast group...

I am not protesting anything, just wondering what the heck happened.
Actually, the problem is that our Full Course Yellow Flag isn't much different from the standard LFS issued local Yellow Flag.

I future events our Flagging System will look differently so that confusion does not occur again.

Otherwise, the event went without too much problems though I beleive
I was doing decently at #5 with the leader pack, but had to retire due to pc issues unlucky
ok jetta its ok i just wanted to hear that you appologie so were good?
hi teppo, no problem, so sorry about that.

So, it seems like that yellow flag meant 'accident, pace car on track' ?
Hmmm... here is an extract from the

Realistic NASCAR Official Rule Book

3.1 Yellow flags will be thrown if it is deemed that the slowing of the cars would reduce the possibility
of a major crash due to a disabled or out of control race car. Drivers are asked to unblock messages
under yellow flag periods.
3.2 The calling of flags will solely fall upon the hands of the administration team, and this will be
achieved via the flagging system.
3.3 The running order of the field will be frozen immediately as soon as the flag is thrown, and will not
change unless pit stops occur.
3.4 Cars that fail to maintain a reasonable yellow flag speed will be scored in the position in which they
return to yellow flag speed at. (IE: A car spins out to cause a yellow, and returns to 70 KPH three
positions lower than at the start. This car will have lost these 3 positions.)
3.5 Pace car speeds will vary, but anything above 50 MPH (80 KPH) will be considered to be “at
yellow flag speed.”
3.6 If asked to close a gap or change speed by a Realistic NASCAR Official, entries must do so to the

best of their ability.
I thought that the guys that crashes only caused a yellow flag....
I was realy suprised when I saw you guys standing there....

But at all I had totally a bad race
Quote from BMW-gek :I will like to protest:

04 B. Velinov, lap 2 last corner. He started to slide and smashed me off track.

I would like to protest not me but 27 J.Yves hit you. I was in front of him and he hit me (his fault) and lost control. I saw it on replay.
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