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How to retrieve LFS World stats?
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In may there were 5,575,098 requests and 60,746MB of data was transmitted (that's 2 requests and 22.5KB a second). So your default key is used in less than 1% of requests. Most ppl will have entered their own key, which is good!

As for setting a user-agent, you could do that. Though atm i don't really look at that info for stats or so. But i guess it would show up in webalizer website stats automatically then, in the browsers list.
1 req / 5s is not enough. I was working on a project which will need 2 req/s (with buffer system and cache system) but I don't wonna pay anything for that, because the project is free too.
@Victor - maybe you will allow me and Dygear to make an LFSW relay. It will work this way: Someone is not using ident key. He enter his ident-key to our system. Other services ask our system for stats and here is the magic: we have databse with keys and we can provide unlimited access for free on multi ident-keys. We can do it without publishing but if you will allow it, it will be legal and helpful for some ppl that don't have money to pay for LFSW API.
Well, we don't have to even go that far, nor do I have the money to run a server on the scale that is LFSWorld. I could how ever add an option to cache results for a period of time within the LFSWorldSDK, but as the options change from server to server on what's available it might be an issue finding a common ground. It's like who has access to a database, what is the database type, sqlite, mysql, mssql, something else? Do they have PDO installed? Should it use a flat file system? Can this run in safe mode without giving the consumer many headaches.
xml track track description track code
i dont know if this is useful to anyone but i got fed up programming an array for track names etc so i have created an xml file for it
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I would like to ask 2 questions.

1) When you use premium, does only the Ident-Key gets premium or even using Username/Password is the same

2)Is it possible to use "&action=pst" for more than one racers to see their online status or am I forced to check them 1 by 1 each 5 seconds(if not premium)?
1) you can use either, but recommended is to use the IdentKey,
2) you'll have to do it one by one.
Will it be a method to validate a username through pubstat? I would like to disable users on our site with non-lfsworld usernames, but couldn't find a method for that yet.
There is currently no waterproof way to determine wether a username exists or not. You could see if a username returns stats via pubstat (the 'pst' request type), but if a user has decided to hide his or her stats, you'll get no stats for that user. Hence there is no waterproof method I'm afraid.
Yes, "pst: no valid username" is given for hidden stats.
Could you maybe give sg. other than that back when someone has hidden stats? Eg. pst: stats hidden

A version bump would be nice anyway
I'll make a note and then I'll have a look soon.
If anyone else has any other features, now's the time
The numbering of the hotlaps, is not enough. If you open any of the rank-and-click on any account, it opens with filter "- By car:". In my opinion, should come off with a filter "- By Rank:" Correct name in the "By Car"

p.s. At your discretion

translate the google((
Victor, in hotlap analyser there are many hotlaps that can't be loaded
e.g. Unable to load RAF file {SR}_Negão_BL1_XFG_132940.raf :
pls fix
This is probably because of the Portuguese symbols (letters). As well as Spanish symbols.
Please keep this thread on topic and post problems with websites in the website bugs section. I receive emails for all new threads there, so I never miss one.

This thread is about the pubstat system.
Nice if i see driver license. Right now must calclulate my self, what license driver have. Sometime this fails and i must do more work (if have free time).

If LFS Desktop show user birthday, then pubstat show this. This is nice too
Data retreiving incomplete.
Hi Victor, it's from about two weeks that my tracker (based on Hottraker 2.0) every update can't get all data (it's for my team of 5 racers) but it retrieve only partial data. I use a premium key and my balance is debited every request though data are incomplete. Can you help me?
Which stat request type are you referring to? Or maybe you could even mail me the whole url that you use for the stats you're having problems with. Then I can quickly see for myself.
If you don't know my email address, just use
I'm sorry about this being a bit short-term, but as of now it is no longer possible to authenticate with your username and webpassword (md5'd). I am now using a much more secure password storage, which takes over a quarter of a second to generate. That is far too slow to use in a fast service like pubstat. So please, if you still use the user+pass authentication method, switch to the ident key method instead :

I should have informed you earlier, but regrettably I forgot
Moved over to bcrypt by any chance?
yup And the hashes are generated by a separate server, running on a locked down box, as to keep the salt as secret as possible.
Funky Glad to see the LFS web stuff still gets security updates!
Quote from Victor :I'm sorry about this being a bit short-term, but as of now it is no longer possible to authenticate with your username and webpassword (md5'd).

Can we get a version bump, with that feature removed?

Quote from the_angry_angel :Funky Glad to see the LFS web stuff still gets security updates!

Yeah, Vic's pretty anal. But in a good way, as it concerns our security.
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :***BUMP*** i have a small question . a guy set a link to his own lfs stats on his forum to lfsworld. how to do this? so the link directly opens your (mine) stats page? im sorry to bump, and im not even sure its the right place to ask. but i couldnt find anything anywhere regarding this? again. sorry about the bump.

You can define a specific racer by adding a racer parametre in the URL like this for example:

Quote from THE WIZARD DK :okay. how would mine look ? i mean i have 2 space parameters in my name. are those exchanged wit 20% ???

Yes, it would be THE%20WIZARD%20DK. Anyway, you can view the right address by typing in the name of the user to show (e.g. yours) in the search bar and then clicking the icon at the top left and choosing Link url (you have to right-click and "open in a new tab/window" or "copy link URL" to make it show though).
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I'm gonna drop this here as I found it really useful for the cars field when getting Hostlist. It's in JSON, but you should be able to format it to whatever you want.

var carFlags = { //That escalated quickly!
1: {'short': 'XFG','long': 'XF GTI'},
2: {'short': 'XRG','long': 'XR GT'},
4: {'short': 'XRT','long': "XR GT Turbo"},
8: {'short': 'RB4','long': "RB4 GT"},
16: {'short': 'LX4','long': "LX4"},
32: {'short': 'LX6','long': 'LX6'},
128: {'short': 'MRT','long': 'MRT5'},
256: {'short': 'UF1','long': 'UF 1000'},
512: {'short': 'RAC','long': 'Raceabout'},
1024: {'short': 'FZ5','long': 'FZ50'},
2048: {'short': 'FOX','long': 'Formula XR'},
4096: {'short': 'XFR','long': 'XF GTR'},
8192: {'short': 'UFR','long': 'UF GTR'},
16384: {'short': 'FO8','long': 'Formula V8'},
32768: {'short': 'FXR','long': 'FXO GTR'},
65536: {'short': 'XRR','long': 'XR GTR'},
131072: {'short': 'FZR','long': 'FZ50 GTR'},
262144: {'short': 'BF1','long': 'BMW Sauber F1.06'},
524288: {'short': 'FBM', 'long': 'Formula BMW FB02'}

How to retrieve LFS World stats?
(449 posts, started )