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yeah it's a great track / car combo, ran in a hosted session there the other day, got down to a 14.0 optimal on the international without chicanes so god knows how fast the experts will be but druids is epic in it
And here you go:
Quote British Road Racing Tournament

iRacing is hosting a tournament featuring the Radical SR8 at Oulton Park (International without Brittens config). This will be a two night tournament, with the racing times optimized for members based in the UK and the rest of Europe.

The tournament kicks off on Monday November 21st at 20:00 GMT (3 pm EST) and concludes the following night. The format will be as follows:

All rounds will use the attached fixed setup.

Monday – Qualifying and Rounds 1 & 2
• 20:00 GMT (3 pm EST) {270 drivers, 10 servers, 27 cars each} 20 minute open qualifying at Oulton Park. This will be open to the first 270 racers to register for the hosted session. The top 192 people will move on to race 1. If less than 192 people post qualifying times everyone will move on to the next round.

• 20:30 GMT (3:30 pm EST) {192 drivers, 8 splits, 24 cars each} Immediately following the qualifying we will host Race 1. Roughly equal fields will be set using a snake split format for this 10 lap race. Finish in the top 18 of your race and you move on to Race 2.

• 21:00 GMT (4:00 pm EST) {144 drivers, 6 splits, 24 cars each} Race 2 will follow race 1 immediately and again consist of 10 lap races with roughly equal size fields. Splits decided by snake split system based on finishing order from race 1 with iRating as the tie-breaker. Finish in the top 16 of your race and you move on to Race 3 on Tuesday night.

Thursday – Semifinals and Final
• 20:00 GMT (3 pm EST) {96 drivers, 4 splits, 24 cars each}Semi final round will begin. The top 96 drivers will have advanced from Wednesday’s race 2. Again this will be a 10 lap race with only the top 6 from each split moving on to the finals. Splits decided by snake split system with iRating as tie-breaker.

• 20:30 GMT (3:30 pm EST) {24 drivers, 1 split} The Finals! This will be a 15 lap race featuring a field of 24 cars. Field gridded by snake split with iRating as tie-breaker.

*All rounds will use a fixed setup provided prior to the tournament. Sporting code is in effect. SR and iR will not be affected. Although accidents will happen, clean racing is expected. iRacing reserves the right to modify the format and or rules at any time. We are ultimately looking to make the tournament fun and competitive so we may alter the percentage or number of drivers we put through to subsequent rounds during the event. Always check the tournament results page to see if you made it to the next round.

Come join us for The British iRacing Road Racing Tournament and see if you have what it takes to come out on top!


Quote :Get a three-month membership for just $10 (a $30 value). With it you'll have access to the world's most exciting online racing. Race everything from NASCAR to Indycar, sports cars to Grand Prix racing. Plus the most accurately reproduced tracks in any racing game or simulation.

All you need to get started is a PC with internet access and a controller (wheel and pedal set or gamepad).

Lay down some laps at one of our newest tracks Oulton Park, or wheel your way around an oval in any of our NASCAR sanctioned series. The choice is yours.

Click here to enter your promotion code: PR-3FORTEN

*Valid for new members only. Limit one per customer. Expires 12/1/11.

If anyone uses this, any chance you could be nice enough to refer me?
Quote from PMD9409 :

If anyone uses this, any chance you could be nice enough to refer me?

If you'd suggested that 3months ago then I could of helped you out.
Is the V8 super car worth getting? I've read from quite a few it's a piece of crap and nobody races it, but is it at least fun to just lap with? Thanks.
If like me, you love something with so much power you can't go over 1/4 throttle with until you are in a perfectly straight line, then get it ^.^ (that was a bit of an exaggeration)

I need to get using the LMP I bought ages ago... There is quite a few tracks I can race at this season
Quote from Jshort :Is the V8 super car worth getting? I've read from quite a few it's a piece of crap and nobody races it, but is it at least fun to just lap with? Thanks.

It's not crap at all, it's one of, if not THE best car on iRacing. Feels the most realistic to drive, people just say it's crap cos they are used to braking at the 50m board, but in FPR Falcon you gotta brake at the 150m maybe.

It annoys me when people say it's crap cos they clearly haven't driven it enough, it's a thouroughly enjoyable car, much like the Mustang (but even more so) you can drift and slide the car without losing time or wrecking, it's definately one of the best cars! That and the Radical are must-have cars IMO.
Quote from BlueFlame :It annoys me when people say it's crap cos they clearly haven't driven it enough.

It's crap. I've driven it a lot. It's still crap.

Mildy amusing to do a few laps in, but absolutely nothing like a V8 supercar. Ask Shane van Gisbergen. Actually don't bother, he's already been asked. "not even close" was his response. Luckily he's helping them to get it right, so it might well be a decent car in the future.

Agreed with the Radical though..that IS a must have car. (As is the Lotus)
Radical has been a beast since beta days. How many times they edit that car was amazing.

About the V8, its crap and in need of an update badly.
Quote from Jshort :Is the V8 super car worth getting? I've read from quite a few it's a piece of crap and nobody races it, but is it at least fun to just lap with? Thanks.

It's fun to race and lap with, it puts a smile on your face when you've done a good lap as you know you've done well in keeping it on the track and under control. You need to be careful on the throttle, brake early, and kinda drive it slow and smooth to go fast and keep the tyres from getting worn too much. Might not be realistic, but meh when a lot of the cars are broken anyway you might as well have fun with it

In terms of participation only 9 other car classes were above it last season (HPD O/F, SM, Skippy, MX-5 O/F, Mustang and Solstice/SRF) - ok, half of the drivers were Aussies and their main races are Mondays at 1045 GMT, but there's enough other races through the weekend for you to have some fun racing it - especially as this week is Watkins Glen.
Quote from PMD9409 :

If anyone uses this, any chance you could be nice enough to refer me?

No, refer me. Phil is fat
The Radical is the only car to me that feels spot on, although I haven't driven the Lotus in a long time so that could be up there now aswell. The Radical actually feels predictable though and does what you'd expect a car to do, like you're driving a real racing car on the limit. In comparison, the V8, although quite entertaining to drive (or rather, wrestle with it to keep it in a straight line) reminds me more than any other that I am playing a game on a computer. The sounds for it are great though. Formula Mazda engine sounds are still shite considering this is meant to be the cream of the crop of all racing sims available.
To me the v8 supercar in iracing sounds totally different than it sounds in tv, youtube or in every other video I've ever seen about those cars. It's not bad sounding but just totally different than I'd thought. There is some strange total lack of that high shrieking sound which to me is so characteristic to those high revving big V8s. The iracing versions sounds nice but also is kind of muffled and humming instead of shrieking and throaty. I'm sure those aspects are highlighted with the bad video and mic quality in those vids but the difference is just too big...

Tbh the sound of the v8 was a big disappointment for me...
I think the sound in most of the cars is lacking compared to real life. They were working on something called F-Mod but the guy developing that left them.
Yeah for me all the sounds in iracing are sub par.

I might go for the radical now. I've been watching some videos and it looks fun. Again the sound of that car isn't impressive. I loved the sounds of the radicals in the simbin series.
Radical is a fantastic fun car to drive. I'm driving it now before it gets the NTM
The Gis said the FPR Falcon is fine. So I still love the V8 supercar.

Also, we should ask Scott Andrews, he is the only one on lfsforum who has driven anything close to a V8 Supercar (Commodore Cup) afaik and I think he also holds a few WR's on iRacing.
Gis was talking about the NTM first off, second, Scott has drove Greg Murphy's Bathurst car I believe in a test.
I think the sound is ok, it's alot deeper than you hear on TV, but inside the car you're wearing balaclava, earplugs [maybe] and a helmet, so the treble is the one part of audio that will be cancelled out. So I think it's about right.
Quote from BlueFlame :The Gis said the FPR Falcon is fine.

He said it was not even close to how the real thing drives! I don't know what comment you're twisting to come up with "he said it's fine" but that certainly wasn't his opinion several months ago. End of story.

They used the physics for one of the impalas as the base for that car, and it shows. It also brings out all the worst characteristics of the old Tyre model.

I'm not saying people shouldn't enjoy driving's a free world, but it's definitely not a "good" car in any way at the moment and its not in the slightest bit realistic to drive.
Quote from The Moose :He said it was not even close to how the real thing drives! I don't know what comment you're twisting to come up with "he said it's fine" but that certainly wasn't his opinion several months ago. End of story.

Source. Geif.
I had to look up Geif.

Retards way of saying give."

Says it all

I don't have access to the iRacing forum, so I cant find the thread. It was well known what he said though.

I'll probably be re subbing soon, so i'll dig up the info when i'm back.

I don't see why i should have too mind, I'm not in the habit of lying to people.
The V8SC on the OTM is not close to real life at all - Scott and Shane have both said so and it is obvious even without their input as evidenced by the required rally style driving to be fast.

I believe that Shane is happy with the progress of the NTM on the V8SC but I only know that third hand.

It's still a fun car as is though and was my favourite up until the Ford GT came out. The latest version of the NTM on the Ford GT is sublime
It feels more real than butter melting on my #### best sim car I ever drove.
Release notes for todays update...

Quote :Website:

Spectator Sessions

- Fixed a bug where the spectator registration code was not determining car ownership correctly. This could prevent people from registering as a spectator for hosted sessions.

Tournament Sessions

- You can now create multiclass tournament sessions but please note that the grid builder does not have multi-class support and does not support automatic gridding by car class.



- Fixed the bouncing that would occur in the garage on some of the New Tire Model cars that would make it very hard to pass tech.

- The F3 black box will now show a car's position as class position instead of overall position. This is much more useful information to see during a multiclass race.

- Calibrating pedals no longer resets the brake curve factor.

- Make sure voice chat is properly initialized when you change the volume.

- Only override aim-at-group for the default camera set (or any other camera set called "" too).

- Fixed a typo in the telemetry output spelling of "TrackAltitude".


- Spectators who are viewing an event can now see the pit objects of the drivers in the server.

- iRacing default setups for the all the tracks of this season have been updated for the Chevrolet Corvette C6R, Ford GT, Honda Performance Developments ARX-01c, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Impala Class B, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, and Street Stock.

Williams FW31

- The driver is moved down in the seat to a correct head height.

Lotus 79

- Fixed the bug where the downforce and drag could unexpectedly behave differently.

- Made sure all fuel units are using Imperial gallons when English units are specified.

Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala Class B
Chevrolet Silverado

- Super speedway drafting has been further revised.

- Rev limits have been raised a little to cope with the increased drafting speeds.

Chevrolet Impala SS 2009

- Applied the same drafting updates as the other three cars.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

- This car has undergone a significant overhaul to improve the driving experience on the New Tire Model. As it was one of our earliest cars, we have taken the opportunity to make updates and adjustments to it's physics model to bring it up towards the standards of our newer oval cars.


- Scoring towers are now functional at Daytona, South Boston, Stafford, Talladega, Texas, Thompson, Las Vegas, and Watkins Glen.

Oulton Park

- Many objects around the track have been updated to more appropriately appear or not depending on detail settings.

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