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Happy Birthday S2!!!
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Happy Birthday S2!!!
One year, right?

Hope S3 comes to replace you soon... hehe

(guess I was the first...)

P.S. axus and Cpl.Anger: happy birthday to you guys too resent:
Happy Birthday all three of you! May the following year prove to be fruitful and full of improvements. And I hope the two people don't end up with patches
happy birthday
Oh my, it's been a year already...

Happy B-Day S2!!!
#6 - joen
Happy birthday!

oh wow, S2's birthday is on my birthday!!!

Happy Birthday S2!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday to all and to all a good life
Dappy Hirthbay!
seems like only last year.......

Happy birthday to all 3 of you... damn did it went fast....
ya.. im even in the same place i was when it was released.. strange
Happy B'day
Jebus already a year? Happy b'day :cake: :lfs: :birthday:
Already a year, then again, only had a licence since September.

Happy birthday LFS. All raise your glass to the devs
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its like deja vues all over again

anyone remember celebrating S1's bday?

all i can remember is about 5 billion smily face things... just about everywhere

:laola: :laola:
:bounce8: :bounce8:

instead.. heres a banana smokin a reefer
tHappy B-day LFS S2 Alpha!
#20 - Jakg
yay! So, when does my copy of S3 arrive?
happy birthday to every1!!!
i wish you guys lotsa racing fun and a wonderfull life
Merry Birthday S2! You've given myself and everyone here hours of joy, sadness, frustration and overall euphoria all at the same time!

A toast, Here's to another year of the same! ^^
Congrats, one year of the best alpha product on the market.
:laola:Happy birthday S2!:laola:

What would have I done without you around..
Party on! :bannana_g :rock_band
Happy birthday S2

Happy Birthday S2!!!
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