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Get it here ! [LFS related song]
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Come on people, we're aiming for at least a 5th position on the charts
#27 - Mc21
( hey hey hey ... HEY ! what's going on over there, this guy's is going reverse in a MRT, how is that possible ? SPEEDHACKS !!! Get the flaming bananas out!!

i lol'ed great song
Love Love Love It!
lol listened to it everyday ever since it's been out. lol.
sounds strabgley great at 150% playback speed
haha that is brilliant

Nice work
WOW. What a bump!
haha yea, this song plays and i crack up
Words didn't really go with the beat, but still, I laughed.

Erik sounds FUNNY LOL.

Nice mono-tone singing btw!
Hehe, it's great !
This is great, lyrics are interesting, and it's an over all great idea, except for one thing:

That guy is ok, but he needs to put more soul and energy into the lyrics, make shit explode, go crazy... be a rockstar!

Otherwise, great stuff, mate!
Hey guys, sorry to bump this nearly 3 year-old thread, but I was wondering if anybody has a copy of the song. Filefront has deleted it and I wanted to give it a listen and put it on YouTube.

And since I've done the bump, I should link you to the first take of this song, which still exists online: ... =41923&highlight=song
not a problem
i was listening and i thought , This sounds really weird. But i was running hardstyle on the background

Good song.
Good song ?
I'll say it is - it's brilliant lyrics.
Thumbs up and hat off for Mp3 Astra
Can't wait to hear the new and hopefull improved version.
I'm not at all satisfied with the power of the guitar play, but I'm sure it'll be better this time
Excellent Mp3 Astra! I like it!
Hahaha, great song Passo! "Scawen with his funny hair"
thanks for new link to song
it so much better than the version before

So you're going to bump song related threads?
Quote from speed1230 :So you're going to bump song related threads?

So you're going to mock new(ish) forum users?
The two songs by SchUPor, "Something about LFS" and "Hotlapper" are two of my fav LFS related songs.
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Get it here ! [LFS related song]
(49 posts, started )