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Your Top 5 Cars!
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1.) Nissan GT-R
2.) Audi R8 V10
3.) Audi TT-RS
4.) BMW M3 e36
5.) Renault Clio RS Cup
Might aswell do my selection again.

1) Audi TT RS
2) Mitsubishi Evo X
3) VW Scirocco R
4) Honda Civic Type R (UKDM)
5) Nissan GT-R

1) Lexus LFA
2) McLaren MP4-12C
3) Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Supperleggera
4) Lamborghihi Murcielargo LP670-4 SV
5) Porsche 911 Turbo S
Quote from squidhead :I hope now you're happy you replied and so nicely PM'ed me a link to your post where you try and insult me, with a request to reply.

Sad but not unexpected.
Haters and fans... The never ending story.
Quote from squidhead :Not exactly fast on thinking yourself I see. Well Tomba, you've always been (and don't worry, still are) quite an clueless tasteless and bland person. And about your doubts, yep, never before have I been in a BMW, let alone drive one....

except owning a E30 325 IX as a first car...... and then a E36 328 as a third one..... and then having a E38 750 iL for a month, that my friend left with me while he was in UK.... and a E34 M5 I've test driven back when I was working at a used car dealership back when I was 21.... and a E39 M5 a few months after that, and I haven't EVER driven a E46 325 that one of my ex girlfriends had... except when I was driving it to work 5 times a week....and those are just tips of the iceberg, I've been in quite a LOT BMW's over the years, so yep, you sure got me there, never before have I even SEEN a BMW... except that I have...

And yeah "Chris Bangle designed BMW's are awesome because I say so and my father owns one" doesn't mean it's true, it means you and your father both are boring, bland and tasteless.

And about your list, it's frankly pathetic, your chosen "timeless classics" are re-defined every 2 years judging by your "current list". None of those matter, you should just admit to yourself that you don't know cars that actually matter, you just whore your allegiance to the car you've seen last on the interwebs. If that's not enough of a reason for you to understand how wrong you are, you should add "ignorant" to the list of names I've called you.

I hope now you're happy you replied and so nicely PM'ed me a link to your post where you try and insult me, with a request to reply.
Thank you for using Squidhead's ranting services, and remember, you want somebody to shit all over you, nobody does it better than Squid

Oh lawdy. So true! It had to be said. Thank you, Squid.
#131 - Zay
1. Corevette ZR1
2. 70s vettes
3. Ferrari 458 italia
4. Lamborghini Reventon
5. Audi R8
6. Bugatti Veyron
Quote from Klutch :While that might have been true when they were new, not so much these days.

Rb26's and 2jz's are starting to get old, so making bigger power without a rebuild is generally walking a fine line, all comes down to how well the engine was treated..

Feel free to point out anything german about the 2jz, and/or Supra...

Alot of After market tuners as well as Nismo still sell the engine brand new from factory.

im sure its the same with the 2JZ.
How many people out there have the money to go buy a brand new engine from the manufacturer? Genuine Nissan and Toyota parts are a complete rip off.

And its not overly viable anyway, people aiming for big power generally get everything machined like new.

And if you're aiming for big power, majority of the engine is going to get replaced with forged internals, which means half the money on that engine goes down the drain and could have been better spent on something like a stroker kit.

Obviously its a bit different when it comes down to rotaries once a housing is warped its useless.
In no order:

• E30 M3
• Corvette ZR1
• Renault Clio Cup
• Caterham R500
• Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst

EDIT, oh and how could I forget:
• McLaren F1 LM
• Ferrari F40
5 is not enough but eh...

- Ford Sierra RS Cosworth/RS500
- Nissan/Nismo Skyline BNR34 Z-Tune
- Aston Martin DBS
- Lotus Elise 111R/ExigeS
- Orido's Ridox JZA80 (When it was purple)
tough question :
99 rx-7 fc
hmmhmh at the moment

1 McLaren F1 GTR 1996 spec
2 Ultima GTR720
3 Ferrari 288 GTO
4 Ferrari 355 GTB
5 TVR Sagaris

and down to the earth list...

1 Porsche 968 CS
2 Honda S2000 mk1
3 Bmw e36 m3 3.2 (euro spec)
4 Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 (gen 5)
5 VW golf mk2 GTi 16v
(Stiggie) DELETED by Stiggie
As far as super/hyper cars go:
-Aston Martin DBS
-Audi R8 V10
-Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
-Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Balboni
-Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
- ferrari F40 / F50
- ferrari 250 GTO / Ferrari 250 GT Breadvan
- ferrari Testarossa
- ferrari 599 GTO
- ferarri 288 GTO

A special mention to a prototype : Ferrari Mythos

edit : nice to see that i'm not the only one to put the 288 GTO in the top list
1 BMW e39 M5
2 BMW e28 M535
3 Nissan s14 Zenki
4 BMW e34 M5
5 BMW e38 750i
Real world
1. Ariel Atom
2. BMW M3 (2008)
3. Ford Mustang (1965)
4. Lamborghini Gallardo
5. Ferrari Enzo

1. FOX
2. FZ5
3. LX6
4. BF1
5. XRT

Hot wheels who said i couldn't?
1. Twinmill (1969)
2. Ford Mustang (1968)
3. Lambo Gallardo LP-560-4 (2010)
4. Splittin' Image (1968)
5. Twinmill 3 (2010)
Quote from maxiim :1 BMW e39 M5
2 BMW e28 M535
3 Nissan s14 Zenki
4 BMW e34 M5
5 BMW e38 750i

My 2010 update

Bugatti Veyron
SSC Ultimate Aero
McLaren F1
Jaguar XJ220
Pagani Zonda F
1. Porsche 911 2,7 RS
2. Opel Kadett C GT/E
3. Audi Quattro S1
4. Audi R8 V10
5. Audi RS6 Avant (family car)
1. Aston Martin V12 Vantage
2. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560
3. Nissan GT-R
4. Corvette Z06
5. Aston Martin DBS

1. Audi R8 V10
2. Ferrari 458
3. Dodge Viper RT/10
4. Saleen S7
5. Porsche 997 Turbo (probably)
Mazda RX7 FD 3-Rotor (tuned)
Aston Martin V12 Vantage
Skyline R34
Ford Focus WRC
Ferrari FXX or Audi LMP1

Ahh I want to put the R8 V10 and the Honda S2000

Your Top 5 Cars!
(155 posts, started )