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Could we please have......
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Could we please have......
A thread, preferably stickied, ideally at the top of the beginners forum, highlighting that VOB mods and such are not allowed, as i think it would (hopefully) save all these repeat threads that keep popping up fairly frequently.

Just think of how it is now, a new forum member (or a long time member who hardly ever comes on here) logs in, scouts around in the beginners section to see if his question(s) about stuff like mods has been asked and/or answered before, but there is nothing, so he(or she) naturally enough will make a thread asking about them, which is understandable, you dont know unless you ask do you.

But, what often happens is, when mods are mentioned, over 9000 people start screaming OMGZ HAXX0RZZ deadbanana x 23 etc... which is hardly constructive, there a newbie, how are they to know, they only asked after all, but again when we have heard the questions and answers X amount of times it gets tiresome for us lot as well, plus the icing on the cake being that there arent even any locked threads that can be found by searching as anything vob modding related gets binned, so of course people are gonna ask if they are unsure, plus in their eyes, all they did was join a forum and ask an innocent question, and they feel they are getting flamed for it, they dont know why, they are new, and i know i wouldnt want to join a forum and get burnt straight away, doesnt really show the forum or community in the best light does it?

So just a simple stickied thread titled something along the lines of "Car body shape/VOB mods, the rules..." or something similar to that with a few lines of text explaining firstly, what body/VOB mods are, and also informing people that (as we already know) these modifications are not allowed.

Good idea? bad idea? it would save the moderators of this place some time IMO.
well lets face the fact... the no mods rule made sense whenonly a handful of people knew how to make them
now that pretty much everyone and ther grandma know how to make import and use mods whats the point of trying to keep them under the rug?
Because they affect the physics. We have one issue with the physics already - lag. Why would we want another one?

As for the idea: +1
Precisely what i mean, we all know that mods exist, and where to get em from, and i would guess that quite a percentage of people use them too but i just feel that something explaining what the rule actually is, in a prominent place where newcomers can find it, so then they have their answer, so no more (or less) of these where do i download the ae86r32gttv84x4turbotwinsuperdooperblooperchargeddriftorrrmobile1001bhp car from, at least if they can SEE the rule, than its there choice weather to break it or not.

As it is now, a new member comes on here, his first post mentions how can theyget a skyline 'like the one he saw on a youtube video' or whatever, and then its instant flamage of the highest order, and some of these members simply never post again as that initial battering they recieved by just asking a simple and politely worded question has put them off, and who can blame em.
This'd make sence. But I'd rather see a thread mentionning what every single newbie should know, with mentions to S3, Scirocco, how to unlock S2, "can you make new cars/tracks out of LFS", etc etc, alongside of the statement about vobs. (Okay, there's a Q/R page on dealing with this kind of stuff, but this wouldn't hurt to have a similar thing there). Perhaps it'd also reduce the amount of threads created by the people who never heard about the "search" feature
I believe it would also be important to explain why and how they cause problems with the physics in said proposed sticky.

Most of the people who I've caught using them had no idea that they cause any issues at all and a good few of them wouldn't use them online if they knew.
i di dnt knw they missed up game ill stop no
Maybe a forum guideline stickie? Info about what to post, and what not to post?
Problem is: people tend to not read stickies. Nor use the search function.
So it would only prevent a fraction of those threads to appear. Still, I guess it would be worth it.
Agree, even if it's just a little fraction, it does help. By regulary answer correct and informative on users questions we can answer a other fraction, meaning the total will probally make a diffence.

As someone said, everything helps
Let's write it down then!!
A MOD (forum's moderator, that is) will eventually delete all the chat posts and sticky it at the top.
sounds like a plan to me.

I will chuck something up later tonight.

You are correct in one sense alot of people do not bother reading stickies.. but just by having a sticky there makes it easier to act.

So please, if you have anything you think should be added to a FAQ / Forum Policies thread. add them here and i'll add them to a sticky.
Good. Now when things have been asked 100's times before we can simply reply with something like "

Quote :Hey, please take a look here, xxxx. Mods (and blablablaa) are not allowed to discuss on this forum, since it's against the forum rules set by the developers. This topic have been reported and will be closed by a moderator shortly.

Mods, multiple forum accounts, demo accounts requesting or presenting licenced content.
We need a sticky about "The Very End' against new players. We know that it's not safe here since TVE posted pics of himself.

Use the forum at your own risk!
Rofl! What about the drunk lisences?
Quote from franky500 :sounds like a plan to me.

I will chuck something up later tonight.

You are correct in one sense alot of people do not bother reading stickies.. but just by having a sticky there makes it easier to act.

So please, if you have anything you think should be added to a FAQ / Forum Policies thread. add them here and i'll add them to a sticky.

Any progress on this yet mr 500?
i'll sleep on it
A seriously good idea, and long needed forum item!

May I suggest the title for this sticky? "Scirrocco, mods and new tracks"

That should grab their attention!
Apologies for the bumpage, but THIS! is precisely the sort of threads that the suggestions made in here could help to prevent.
Yeah indeed. Although I doubt these people read it, because they're 'stupid' enough to come here to ask that in the first place.
Point Bose, however, if it isnt written anywhere about this kind of thing, then what choice do newcomers have but to ask?
That is true, and I do support this, I mean not everyone will read it, but some will, and then at least you do stop some people making this thread. I don't see why it shouldn't be made.
Or better:
Forbid it simply due LFS itself
Maybe checksums, shape control.... whatever

@Scawen: please do anything in your might against those mods, because they are making your realistic racing simulator simply unrealistic!

Could we please have......
(25 posts, started )