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Helmet Skins
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My Rockstar race team suit and my helmet =)

have a few little things to touch up but i like it, what you guys think?
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Quote from Mitch_68 :My Rockstar race team suit and my helmet =)

have a few little things to touch up but i like it, what you guys think?

Nice one
My helmet
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great one, Adrian!
Yeah I know, but I use paint
Vettel helmet please
Just a quick helmet i whipped up for myself =)
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i think your skins are all very lowres. You should get more time on one skin mat.
Stig helmet
Here is mine Stig Helmet

Have good time on playing LFS
dont see it
Quote from kiste :dont see it

It´s the same white tone as the forum backround is.

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Ok Here is Stig helmet :P

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Can somebody do me this helmet skin?

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Thanks to Mullog, I could make my iRacing/LFS helmet come to my real life...

Mullog, as you can see I wanted to maintain your logo on the visor, so I can always remember of who helped me with this!!

My real life helmet, me wearing it and Mullog's skin attached...

Cheers! Merry Xmas!!
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capacete 01.jpg
nice one.
Thanks a lot for the wink Dan But that wasn't necessary I'm actually quite proud and also self conscious you let it on your real helmet

You'll get awesomes results for sure with it

Could have a closer view still ?
Quote from Mullog :Could have a closer view still ?

of course you can!!

here you go!

i just took these pics for you...

i also had my first go-kart race with it, the 6H Endurance of Aldeia da Serra...
you can check this news about me here... it's a google translated webpage, coz the real one is all in portuguese...

you can see the picture of all the guys running to the start [le mans style] and there is me, with the black/white suit and YOUR helmet...
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my 2010 helmetskin.

great skin Kiste
Quote from kiste :my 2010 helmetskin.

Nice one! But i think it would look even better if you used more shading on the skin, then the depth is really there
maybe i will change some things like shading in the next days. But i like it atm

And thanks guys.
Very clean one Grats

But the blue top strip isn't quite straight, as well as the top circle Don't know if it was meant to be like this or not, just a remark Great work anyway
yeah i know. but thats the crapyhelmetmodel and i were to busy to remake it atm.
Here is my latest one, Redline new colors inspired
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Mullog - Redline.png

Helmet Skins
(1330 posts, started )