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Helmet Skins
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my personal helmet:
easy and cool

u wont get my OL-racing helmet, but i made 3 others
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All of u knows the drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya, can u give me pictures of his helmet (the green one) to try make a skin, or is there already such a skin?
Colin Edwards - Yamahas 50th Anniversary Helmet
It's not an exact match but its close enough


UPDATE: Moved public notice so that it doesn't show on the visor.
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Helmet Request
Hi, I was wondering if someone could make me a Prost helmet and a Senna helmet. Please PM me with the links to the helmets, Thanks!
My first ever helmet skin a complete Carbon Fiber helmet. I tried to match up the carbon as best as i could. there arn't any logo's and it looks pretty ghetto but it looks okay in the game I'll post it when i get home. (@ work)
Hey guys i was wondering if anybody could do scott speeds new helmet. Would be much appreciated. thx
my personal helmet update, ready for the patch

#60 - Jakg
Quote from Rob76 :Public Union Jack Helmet

do you mind if i edit it so that it looks ok with the new helmet model?
hey guys, anyone got a template for the new helmet?? it makes skinning so much easier, and quicker

btw, i mean the ones with wire frame and such
Damon Hill helmet updated, public as always...
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Nassa Lid
The NASSA Team Helmet, designed so each driver can use different colors to the base design. Comments Welcomed.
Very nice works!!!! .... can somebody make Nelson Piquet (the great one!! LOL ) .helmet???
Quickly made it to replace my aging old design...
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#68 - tade
here's my small contribution for this great game, an Ayrton Senna helmet, it's not really "historically" correct (every year there were minor changes on the helmet) but I like it.
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Heres my helmets, i made one of them for my teammate [MG]JAM'ez

The crashtest one is public for everyone, and the Denmark one is for danes only i know they arent very good, so bear over with me

JAM'ez's helmet:

Crash test dummy: ... =helcrashtestdummy9rr.jpg

Danish helmet:

You can edit the "kasper" off the visor strip on the crashtest if you want to
Another Senna helmet.

Great minds think alike and all that
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Here are two of mine. First one is my personal helmet. Second is a preview pic of Schumacher's helmet I'm making, but I won't finish it I'm affraid. If anyone else wants to finish it, go ahead (as long as you keep my name on it :P). See attachment 3.
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hey KarveL,
look what i found on the internet ! is Jam'ez's helemt based on this one? anyways nice job.
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Quote from Bean0 :Another Senna helmet.

Great minds think alike and all that

Quality car skin you have used there
Be careful of the copyright KaverL !!
Are you working there? Great source of helmet design by the way!
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Quote from Bean0 :Another Senna helmet.

Great minds think alike and all that

can you post his clothes?

Helmet Skins
(1340 posts, started )