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Most famous person you have met?
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Most famous person you have met?
Who is the most famous person you have met?

I met Timmy Mallet at Pontins
He was in the room next to us. His glasses are so cool
Depends how close you have to be to 'meet' someone.. I can say I've met Jan Magnussen and Tom Kristensen? :b
Quote from Jordan2007 :I Met Timmy Mallet at Pontins

We are not worthy!

Er... Lots of famous people I suppose, I met a few proper famous Americans when I lived over there, a few fairly famous musicians from opening for them, lots of TV actors from the UK when they do theatre stuff in York. I ended up sat with a bloke out of The Bill in the pub last weekend, I think his name was Colin, I never really watched The Bill though.

Probably the two I was actually excited to meet were Mick Jones (The Clash) and Mike D (Beastie Boys).
well i met our now chancelor Angela Merkel, but before she got in that position. I once was in arms reach of the pope

and I walked aorund on the Sziget festival 2005 with Sportfreunde Stiller (german band:nana, cause our group leader (and DJ) knew them through their producer.
#5 - amp88
Damon Hill (at Knockhill because his son was doing Ginetta Juniors) and Richard Noble along with Thrust SSC at a motorsports show in Livingstone.
I met Princess Diana at Earls Court many moons ago when I was in the RN. she spoke to us briefly before her entourage dragged her away, I'm sure she fancied me

Fish, from Marillion, used to sit and drink with us in my hometown (Haddington) local, he is one big ugly sod with a gorgeous wife. Also met Lemmy from Motorhead at Fish's wedding, that was cool. (I wasn't at the wedding btw, I'm not that up there unfortunately)

Fish used to practise at our local Corn Exchange. Not seen him around for a while I believe he's lost the plot a bit these days!

But nothing compares with meeting Timmy Mallet you are one lucky fella!
I once met (or rather had eye contact and shook hands with) the Dalai Lama, when he was visiting Graz back in 02.
Not that it made me religious, but man that guy has charisma. The way he smiles at you really lifts up your spirits.
I met James May at the Surrey Motor Show in 2006
Rubens Barrichello when I was working at Volkswagon UK. He was driving for Stewart F1 at the time, which was/is (RBR are there now) right next door.

He stole a fistful of my chips!

Countless big name DJs during my time too, everyone from Jules to Dave Pearce (stole his hat LOLBALDY), PvD, van Buuren etc etc.

Finest moment was harrassing Tiesto after he played an awful prog set at a supposedly \o/ trancey night at Turnmills which cleared the dancefloor completely for all the 3 hours he played. After, he came strolling into the VIP with a huge smug grin which soon disappeared after I called his tune selection sh*t and him an overpaid, underskilled c*nt.
DJ S3rl
kasper johnsen.

guess i am serious.
#13 - VoiD
Gerhard Schröder (german ex-chancellor), Cebit. He gave an Tv-interview on our fairstand, builded by me and a few friends/colleagues. That means our product (the fairstand) was on german tv for about 40 seconds... :leb:

Gunter Gabriel ("famous" german country "legend") when I was a barkeeper (Hannover Schützenfest, biggest tent)

Sven Väth, Massimo and Hardfloor (backstage Omen Club Frankfurt) :em31:
several other german Psytrance-Dj´s/groups, like Klangstahler Projekt, Plant B.E.N., Magnetrixx, Klopfgeister etc

the dudes from AC/DC (soundcheck, had some drinks with Malcolm, I was a stagehand) :drink:

Teresa Orlowski and Hans Moser (as a taxidriver) :shhh:
#14 - Migz
I've not met anyone famous

But my brother and his girlfriend did meet this guy in a club over here....

(It's the guy from the halifax adverts)
Jon Tickle and some other person, at a school trip to the London Aquarium. Back then they had come out Big Brother (AGES ago.) It when somebody pointed it out and they were there, and in no time they were surrounded by 10 year olds.
carl filip bernadotte prince of sweden (he was racing some gokart)

stig blomqvist

i can't remember any one ellse
#18 - CSU1
In no particular order. I have impersonally met Barack Obama,Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth of England, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Paul McCartney, Pope Benedict, and the late Michael Jackson.

Dare to say I lie
Karel Bruckner, ex-coach of czech national football team, this summer on Olomouc football stadium while waiting for my beer.
Norbi Kiss
I met arox once, i allmost fainted
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Quote from danowat :No, because I was carrying a huge terracota pot out to her Merc

That's the strangest euphemism I've ever heard.

Most famous person you have met?
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