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Most famous person you have met?
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Quote from logitekg25 :if we talk about lookalikes, i have justin bieber in my english class

can you punch her in the face for me?
got nothing against the kid. neither beiber or the one in my class.
Quote from logitekg25 :got nothing against the kid. neither beiber or the one in my class.

It doesnt matter if YOU have a problem with her, he said punch her in the face for HIM, not punch her in the face for you.
i see your point, but why would i if i dont have any problem myself..why do i do his dirtywork?
ive met a few in the last while...

the Black english guy from the sheild or the force ? ( forget his name )

mattie holland ( ex ireland and premier league footballer )

most of the irish rugby team ( they where in dublin for a " prostate awareness " campaigne ? either way... their all alot bigger then they look...
i kinda suck at this as coming from adelaide you dont exactly get much opportunity to "meet" famous people, only really "see" them.

ken nomura was probably my favourite big name as he was a huge inspiration to me when i was younger, but didnt really get to chat to him much, just seen him around, and got a pic with him. nobushige kumakubo is another big one, an amazing dude, awesome attitude and one of the friendliest guys you'll meet, not much in the way on english, so when you see him around it's some basic japanese and a smile. naoto suenaga is another one, he speaks a bit of english, once again a top bloke and always happy to have a joke around.

ive seen a fair few other D1 drivers around the pits, but not many more when it comes to meeting them.

also Daigo Saito, a ruthless drifter, crazy, bit more stand-offish that other drivers, but i was most happy about getting to drift with him, as well as Shinji Minowa, another D1 driver, although i didnt get to meet him, only drift with him.

i wont go into drifters from other countries as no one really knows many outside of D1GP haha

there are a lot of names that ive met that were important to me, and recognised within the drift community, but it's probably gonna bore most people here so ill leave it at that.
Loeb, at the Alsace-Vosges rally, in 2008 IIRC.

Don't really know if I can say I "met" him. He was hanging out with friends at the bar(he was only a spectator this day, of course), didn't want to disturb him so I only asked for an autograph.
Emily Newman. She got her tits out in the film Wish You Where Here. She did not let me photograph them. Scatty as hell and wonderful fun and positive person, but tit photograph would have endeered her more to me.

The blonde one from Birds of a Feather. I met her a few times and she was always miserable.

Ralph Finnes not long after he got back from his North Pole expedition. A really positive person, very driven and motivated and quite nice to talk too.

Imaginary Nigel Mansell. I was off my tits on drugs some years back and imagined I was talking to him. Even in imaginary form his ego was massive.
Quote from Becky Rose :
Imaginary Nigel Mansell. I was off my tits on drugs some years back and imagined I was talking to him. Even in imaginary form his ego was massive.

If we can Allow this then I have an Impressive list.

The Predator, whilst paralyzed led on the floor in my yard.
I was dissolving into the concrete patio, he circled me around 5 times, which felt like a lifetime or two.

Michelin Man (big dude made from tyres)
Yep saw this guy waiting for a train to Lostock Hall I swear.

The Chuckle Brothers @ Wigan Pier (Friday night 1996 sometime)
Pretty sure this was real though ;

Also met the devil once, pretty sure i made a deal, its bugged me for years and I still cant recall what we agreed too.

When Sober Ive me a few professional Snooker players, and been beaten on every occasion (John Parrot, Ian McCullough, (rest of Local Pros)

Ricky Tomlinson, Freddie Star. I didn't speak to either much, In Fact I felt sorry for Ricky, was at a musical festival and he was being constantly stopped, interrupted. I gave the nod, left it at that. Strangely enough thats about 3rd or 4th time paths have crossed.

Bumped into Jude Law once, and seen a few other famous faces around that area.
Fame sucks, unless you are addicted to attention from the masses. Which I don't think is a healthy thing anyway, unless that person is fighting the good fight.
#161 - Uke
Slash, Saul hudson Gn'R:s guitarist.
Quote from jrd.racer :Nice Franky. Man U Fan?

No not really. Dont supportt any English league team. Just met them in Turkey when they played Bursaspore as my cousin is a HUGE Mu fan but im not personaly. Really nice guys although Edwin is quite shy but Rio doesn't shutup.
Victor was in my server once, does that count?
Does meeting Jesus in my dream count?
Quote from imthebestracerthereis :Victor was in my server once, does that count?

I raced Scawen when I was a newbie. I was being far too generous with him as I wasn't completely comfortable with the game yet and he absolutely trashed me.

I then got to race him again doing patch X testing in the LX4, a car with which I had next to zero track mileage.

Needless to say Scawen thinks i'm a pretty lousy driver.
i didn't actually meet him, but al pacino was in hamilton yesterday for some fundraiser...

normally celebs don't come here, and would go to toronto instead, so this was a nice surprise... even if i couldn't afford to go, or afford the $1000 for a VIP picture.

bill clinton's been here a few times for speaking jobs. (yeah, people actually pay him to expel hot air, to the tune of $150K+, if i'm not mistaken)

sometimes i hate living in this wannabe-"big city"... and now that the steel factory is closed, this city is going to return to the sewer. which is a shame, because this city was one of canada's original settlements.

Most famous person you have met?
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