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Most famous person you have met?
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Kate Moss, Jude Law, James May, Karl Hyde (part of mega UK group Underworld), Phill Jupitus
met all the dudes from top gear at mph well i was in the same room if it counts
Sir Trevor Brooking, Paul Ince, Paolo Di Canio, Rick Waller, Reg Presley, Spencer Davis, Pete York, Febian Brandy, Simeon Jackson, James Milner, Nicky Shorey, David James, Jermaine Defoe, Marlon King (famous for the wrong reasons) and Tristan Cliffe

To be continued...
Boris Johnson and that windsurfer woman who did rather well in the Beijing olympics and then swore on live TV after the event as well
- Claudia Schiffer (at a party from my aunts company (commercial shit))
- talked to Kim Clijsters (if "Hi how you doing?" "Good!" counts as talking)
- talked to Bertrand Baguette (currently testing for Renault F1, not really that famous yet )
- saw Tom Boonen in a club (the cyclist)
- lots of international dj's, though that isnt actually 'meeting' them
Quote from Fastwalker :Bertrand Baguette

I'm not laughing.

Honestly I'm not sitting here laughing, and trying not to wee myself.

I hope he makes it to F1. I have all my fingers and toes crossed.
lol @ his wiki article - Baguette Behind The Wheel
Quote from rediske :Simon Phillips once signed me a snare drumhead after a drum clinic!

I once blanked Nicko McBrain at a musical instrument show. Walked up to him and said, "excuse me" to get passed him. Didn't realise who he was, (oh the shame I was a big IM fan at the time!!), until I saw him doing a clinic a couple of hours later.

Used to live next door to Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber (Dempsey and Makepeace -they were a couple in real life) and Michael once said "morning" to me as I was outside taking the cover off my motorbike.

They are probably the most famous people I've actually talked to.

Other that I've either walked passed or been in the presence of, (not including on stage at gigs):

Pauline Collins and John Alderton (another real life couple)
Vanessa Feltz
Emma Thompson
Michael Foot
Johnny Vegas
Chris Evans
Bill Oddie

and motorsport wise:

John Reynolds (well on the track at the same time as him anyway :shy
Matt Shadows (A7X)
Rich Luzzi (Rev Theory)
George "Corpsegrider" Fisher and Rob Barrett of Cannibal Corpse
Gil Sharone
Scott Dixon
Terry Cook
Jeff Gordon ( #24 Nascar 4 time champion), many more nascar drivers (have pictures to prove it but not going to post here)
The Chuckle Brothers once helped me play crazy golf.
Dj Spiller

Stood next to him in line outside of the club, cause there was a fake bomb alert and everyone had to get out. And we kinda gave each other a "s'up..." head nod..
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Quote from Crashgate3 :The Chuckle Brothers once helped me play crazy golf.

I swear the chuckle brothers nearly ran me over coming out of my local pub car park once, they were driving a blue Metro, I swear it was them.
I know a guy who looks EXACTLY like paul from the chuckle brothers, i will take a sneeky photo next time he is about and post it, its unreal how much he looks like him.
I've had a little chat with danish racing hero Jason Watt about LFS a few yaers ago
Tony blair (Famous for being a twat) came to my school a couple of years back. I got to have a brief word with him and shook his hand, not that i entirely wanted to.

Vicki Butler Henderson. This was about 5 years back at Silverstone. I think the BTCC or something was on. I didn't actually talk to her apart from saying "Hi", but it was my dad who was talking to her. He spoke to her for about 10 minutes, and for those 10 minutes i was in a trance fixated on her.

Good god Vicki is pretty.
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The Pikey down the street
Quote from Boris Lozac :Dj Spiller

He looks like a proper twat.

I can appreciate musicians from all genres but DJs... They just play records. **** you, you aren't a rock star, you just bought some records. ****ing die.

Honestly DJs, who the **** are you? DJs make me angry. If you can scratch then you're a musician, if you just play other peoples records and stand there infront of a thousand gurning pill victims pumping your fists like you just invented music, you're basically just like every tool pumping their fists back at you, except you got chosen to be the one who stands behind the turntables.

Talentless gobshites inspiring a nation of talentless gobshites.
I've spoken to sean lock after he did a gig in lincoln.
More infamous than famous, but i know michael 'lotto lout' carroll, and have done for many years, i first met him through a mate just before he went to prison, but when he came out after that stretch he bought a lottery ticket and the rest is history i guess, he can be a nice bloke, but acts a bit of a dick most of the time as well, always has and always will be the same, money or no money.

I also spoke to clarkson over my garden fence about 7 years or so ago as he randomly pulled in and did one of his pieces to camera in a farm gateway next to a big barn about 10 yard away from my mum and dads place, and all i could think to say to him was 'alright jeremy' he said 'yes very well, and you' and i replied 'yeah fine thanks' and that was it.

I should have at least offered him a cuppa or asked for an autograph but i didn't think.

I saw gary bushell, who used to write for the sun newspaper, coming out of a toilet in corley ash services around that sort of time as well, we were going on holiday.

I was also mates with a girl at school who went on to be on the late night *ahem* tv show babe station.

My cousins are very lucky with who they know too, my cousin lynette was mates with myleene klass of hearsay and the jungle at college and they still meet up now and again, and my other cousin franchesca (her sister) went to school and is mates with hannah spearitt formally of s club 7, and primevil.
I've met Roger De Coster, and hung out with Travis Pastrana for about 20 minutes at a supercross race. I met Dale Earnhardt Jr once when I was little. I think that's about it.
I guess it's Dave Benton. Meh,I haven't really met with a super-famous guy.
Multi-time national conventional pistol champ Brian Zins, USMC, Ret.

I doubt anyone outside the competitive pistol shooting world has ever heard of him, though.

I may get a chance to meet Freddie Spencer next year, 1983 and 1985 motorcycle grand prix world champ. He runs a riding class in association with my trackday club.

I've been on track with (and gotten smoked by) Emerson Connor, a 15 year-old Red Bull US Rookies Cup rider on a 125 GP bike.
Having worked as a guitar tech for a long time, you tend to bump into some "famous" people (although there is nothing alien about them. They are the same as the rest of us).

I`ve met many musicians, plenty of who you`d regard as famous, but none that it`s worth name dropping for some sort of personal ego boost.

There are some hilarious and pretty much illegal stories involved, some of which are almost unbelievable now, had I not witnessed them first hand.

Outside of the music work, I`ve met a few "famous" people, some have been nothing but perfectly nice, some not....
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Most famous person?..

My mum..

Most famous person you have met?
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