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Most famous person you have met?
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I've met Tim Greenshields. In fact, him and I are friends on facebook.
I'm friends with Mr. Barack Obama on Facebook.
Biohazard and Kaw sat on my bed. They're pretty famous

I can't wait for the summer of 2010!

Other than that, nobody really. Only famous locals, like me.
Quote from Luke.S :I met some monster truck people once.

IIRC it was Debra Miceli, George Balhan, Mike Wine and some others who I forgot. They are all monster truck people.

I've met some too, when they came over for our Monster Truck world finals last month, Kreg Christensen & Dan Patrick were there (met them at last years event as well), this year I also met Jim Koehler & Corey Clarke. All awesome guys who I look forward to catching up with again next time they are in Australia.
I was a few metres away from the norwegian queen passing by with 15 tv cameras, this was in the Hospital so...
Had a brief conversation with Sienna Miller on the set of The Edge of Love. She was one of the few stars who actually speaks to us mere extras. But she came up to me - my contract says I'm not supposed to approach the stars

I've also hung out a few times with the guys from UK band Thunder (who had the fairly well-known song "Love Walked In"). Spent a couple of hours with them in the hotel lobby in Newcastle after a gig one night.

And of course the producer of my band's album is Greg Haver. Multi-platinum-selling, Brit-award-winning, abuse-the-hell-out-of-our-bassist, call-everyone-a-c**t Welshman
I met Eddie Izzard after watching him do stand up in Vancouver. Had a very brief chat and got some stuff signed. But really, like anyone else, he's just another person... I did wait a while to see him after his show, but really I wouldn't do anything like that again unless the person was my absolute idol.

Also met Dustin Dawes a couple of years ago.
I met Lewis Hamilton whilst karting.
Quote from whoknew :I met Lewis Hamilton whilst karting.

you are the luckiest guy in the world

DAMN, i want toooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was at Milton Keynes he's a cool guy, different to how the media portrays him.
I've had a chat and a hand shake with Frank Sytner, ex BTCC BMW works driver.

I've also raced 1/8 scale Nitro RallyX buggies again Lewis Hamilton's brother and if the batteries in the buggy hadn't gone flat I would have been racing again Lewis himself.
Quote from whoknew :Was at Milton Keynes he's a cool guy, different to how the media portrays him.

I know, I just want to meet him :weeping:
Quote from aroX123 :I know, I just want to meet him :weeping:

You can meet me if you like.
Quote from brandons48 :I met Richard Hammond a while ago when he did that Morrisons advert

I'm taller than him.

Which leads on to the obvious questions:

a. were you in the ad too?
b. if so which one is you ?
Quote from whoknew :You can meet me if you like.

Show up at the Uk Kart meeting, then Ill see you
I was once kissed by Keira Knightley!
Did she turn sideways, or did you see her when she caught the light at a funny angle?

Skeletal bitch
True enough though. She was on set when I met Sienna and I have to say I'd take Sienna ahead of Keira any day.
The Hole, maybe, but now... Someone force a biscuit down that bitches throat...

Never bothered about Sienna before, but on that TG episode, things improved about 99%
Quote from unseen :Never bothered about Sienna before, but on that TG episode, things improved about 99%

I hadn't before meeting her either. Keira photographs better, but Sienna is nicer IRL. There's a useless fact of the day
personality > looks. The current Sienna advert on various channels makes her look shit, but she did appear so appealing on her TG appearance. mmmmmmmmmmmm
Quote from danthebangerboy :I know a guy who looks EXACTLY like paul from the chuckle brothers, i will take a sneeky photo next time he is about and post it, its unreal how much he looks like him.

Snapped him today, on the sly like, a face on front view would have been better but he would have twigged what i was upto, so side type pic will have to do lol.

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But srsly, I am coming to the Kart meet (:

Going to own you all (-B

Most famous person you have met?
(167 posts, started )