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Lots of this and shots:

Lets just say im nursing a slight hang over :/
Volume 2 of Phantom manhwa and volumes 6 and 7 of the Bleach manga.
Quote from mclarenmatt :Lots of this and shots:

Lets just say im nursing a slight hang over :/

Who the hell drinks that piss
Quote from niall09 :Who the hell drinks that piss

Me obviously

I hate Fosters, now that is piss in a bottle!

Budweiser is my fave.

25mm spacers and new crystal clear headlights for 200sx S13
FIA approved master switch for the car, along with t-handle pull cable

Preordered the HD camera, that will be shipped on the 23rd of November.
Did you get yours already?
nah pre-order
Had it pre ordered since september 23
Quote from ACCAkut :wow, how much was it (if I'm allowed to ask)?

Seems the seller couldn't count very well. After counting them i found there are 331 LP's, and not 250 like he told me. Taking that into account, i've payed about 2.60 Euro for every LP. Was well worth it.
Quote from Luke.S :Got me one?

Subway is gross, especially their meat. I'd rather have a real sub/hero/hoagie/<insert your regional word here> any day of the week.

Subway may actually fill me up better than the real sub at the same price, but that's only because I lose my appetite from eating it.
Great car. Only thing i don't like about the GTS is that fugly front bumper.

Nevertheless, it's a lovely car you have purchased. Hope you enjoy it!

Here's my recent purchases which i just ordered 30 minutes ago. The Audio system in my Accord is fantastic as stock (8 inch speakers in the doors! :schwitz, but i've wanted a nicer headunit ever since the old one got stolen a few years back when my dad owned it. I thought this would be a perfect time to get some subwoofers and stuff just to have a little extra punch. Won't be able to fit this all until i get back home though.

1. Pioneer AVH-P5700 DVD/MP3/CD player.

2. Alpine PDX-5 Amplifier.

3. 2x Kenwood KFC-WPS1D Subwoofers + Acoustic Box.

4. DYNAMAT! Brilliant stuff. I will be covering the whole boot, doors, and cabin with this stuff.

5. Parrot Bluetooth handsfree kit. I'm doing alot of motorway driving lately so this will help.

The whole lot has cost me about £550 in total, which is actually a bloody bargain! I used "Car Audio" in birmingham when putting Audio stuff in my Mondeo, and they were great. Highly reccomended.
I wouldn't call £550 a bargain (I will have done the same in my car for less than £220 when I finally finish all of it...), but either way you are about get flamed for being a ricer.
I seriously doubt you could of got all the same stuff for £220. Your more than welcome to try.

I don't see why i would be called a ricer for wanting abit of audio equipment though? I can handle my Mondeo being flamed because it has a bodykit and stuff, but my honda is standard externally. Just has a little engine tuning.

Post your Last Purchase!
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