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the offcial post your gamertag/Psn id thread
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Quote from theirishnoob :why isn't this stickyed ?

Why should it be? What makes this thread more important than the hundreds of others in this forum section?
#52 - aoun
PSN: nsanegtr

Gee im blind, i missed this thread!.

Happy to play COD5, GT5P .

(and COD6, GT5) when released.
Windows Live - Games for windows account: Arthelaz

Hi peeps, my PSN ID is: bouncer132

Only have these games at the mo, lookin to get more in a few weeks.

Little Big Planet
updated some
XBL : Danowat32
PSN : Danowat32
Eh, might as well

XBL: obsolum
#58 - aoun
Does anyone here play COD5 or GT5P on the PS?
I sometimes play GT5p, but not very offen.
PSN: BorisLozac

So if anyone's for some Street Fighter IV, Killzone 2 and soon to be released PES 2010, holla at me..
Playstation net work= Chrisuu01 (how supringging!!)
Somebuddy in for some dirt 2 or COD modernwarfare?

Xbox Live= gompiegeit ( forza 3 anyone when i comes out?)

Steam = Chrisuu01(im so original am i not?)
Anyonee in for some GTR evo?
XBox Live = dakness69
psn - celtckoby

Steam: diekolkrabe
I posted once in this thread already, never got added to the first page though. You can add me to that list.

XBL - beefyman666
Xfire - borisyohanavitch
sorry beefyman got lost in the thread

thanks dajmin for the spreadsheet

Not on much lately, waiting for Forza 3 then I will be on consantly
XBL / Windows Live (GTA4) : Gu3sticles
PSN : dawesdust_12
Maybe a useful time to bump, and I think Forza 3 is encouraging us to avoid the annoyingly basic and option-free public section, so
XBL - Sinbaadi44
XBL - JackDaMaster112

I'll get Forza 3 eventually
XBL - CarbonCX

Forza 3! :munching_
Both XBL and Steam - p4blo32
PSN - Niall09

the offcial post your gamertag/Psn id thread
(84 posts, started )