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This is gonna be interesting in MoE...
Congrats guys, nice looking team
ooo...nice vid, best of luck
Nice 'lil team, good luck.
Nice movie. Good luck with the new venture. Its shame we won't be seeing those slick XFusion liveries anymore.
We have Picard in team?

I think hes Pickard.
yeah i'm sorry guys for typo's damn my fat fingers
Woop, awesome video!
#34 - Vitr
I wish you "live long and prosper"
Daym where do i sign up?
Grats guys....You sure have one helluva lineup
wow. awesome team, incredible lineup. not only performance related, but also those are probably the most sympathethic guys on lfs sharing the same tag. thumbs up, guys, i am impressed.
Good luck with the new team (name). Good luck for all the races, events and leagues you´ll enter.
#39 - chaa
oO grats
Good luck for the future
First, I was: Then, I became:, then:, then::uglyhamme

Wish you best of luck, you need it
Good luck!
Where are the Starlite drivers though?
^ Lol Gil

It's Promotech v2
ayayay, good luck
haha the BiAtches back on track

Good Luck, gratz
lol scipy is guna shit, he nearly cried when bredz joined XF now bb
Quote from pearcy_2k7 :lol scipy is guna shit, he nearly cried when bredz joined XF now bb

Can't wait his arrival
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i feel cheated... that's false advertising... i want my 2 minutes back...

why bother folding xfusion if you were going to come back the next day under a new name?

nfinity eSports
(449 posts, started )