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But...really, what happen with Worm?
Quote from ErAri :But...really, what happen with Worm?

He got pwnd by crazy ozzie Andy
Quote from [DUcK] :Unfortunately Worm has deleted all his hotlaps due to a new job and no time on his hands
It's best to go down on top I guess . I wish him the best of luck

this is why
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wonder what would happen if they took handbrake away :\
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Quote from [DUcK] :hahah
wonder what would happen if they took handbrake away :\

What you mean?
Well i think hes more of a natural born rally driver than racer
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Some sort of exploit i'm guessing then

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looks like you have upset him pearcy
yep, good one pearcy! see what happens when you disturb people from their grave
not that he was dead, but you get what i mean
nub pearcy
In the end, you guys are all aliens and deserve to have a weight and Intake penalty 24/7 and must pay a monthly fee of $2 to race in a public server.

Well im down to 2 WR's after that comment, probably 0 by tonight
ese jon(an) ahí partiéndola!! eres el puuuto amo me entiendes?

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Quote from pearcy_2k7 :Well im down to 2 WR's after that comment, probably 0 by tonight

He wont get BF1/BL1...
Quote from pearcy_2k7 :Well im down to 2 WR's after that comment, probably 0 by tonight

lmao ownage
Quote from AMB :He wont get BF1/BL1...

damn pearcy, that's some crazy combo to have WR on, but I'm sure arrechee will find a way to brake it with his handbrake skills
Someone will beat it, 1st and 2nd weren't the best Handbrakez don't work in BF1 thankfully

BTW im not doubting hes a better driver than me but he just does himself no favours, first button clutch, then handbrake, why doesn't he just do the laps with no exploits because he will never get the praise for being such a driver whilst he does it.
He's always used handbrake AFAIK. :S

Back in the day, I used to use it in the FXR at south city town reversed, it didn't make the lap any faster but it sure looked good.

I think if theres any points to be prooven they should just take the HL rank WR's, most other WR's arn't anywhere near what they would be if they had any relevance.
What´s wrong with using a handbrake if a car has one and especially if it doesn´t make you any faster? Don´t get it.
In Bawbag's case he said it didn't but it makes a pretty huge difference in road cars, im not denying i haven't done it but he takes it to extreme levels on every corner, watch LX4/FE3 and you see what i mean, i don't think you'd find anyone in RL using one like that in a Caterham.
Yea, what Pearcy says (He was actually right for once! )

I don't know how much of a differnce it makes in the road cars, when you compare Arechees FE3 lap to mine in the LX4 he uses the handbrake in the 2nd last turn and it looked awesome, much faster than mine. Though, my lap was quite bad, I went a bit to deep into the corner and that was that. What Arechee does is the same, goes in a bit to deep, carrying more speed but he nips the handbrake to bring the rear around and point the car in the right direction, and eliminate all understeer.
I know some stuff about this handbrake driving style too, since I have used handbrake few times myself in the past and I found it as a turn in understeer eliminator.

I have to admit it's a poor way of driving, specially if you exaggerate with it like arrechee does (I never used it to that mesure). Understeery setups are mainly very fast, but they have that little problem with turn in and that's easily dealed with handbrake. That's one very ugly and undrealistic way of driving that should be avoided by any cost

Now days I've got much better setups (stronger brakes and more balance towards the back, more ARB on the back, less toe in on the back, harder rear stiff etc) so I'm not even thinking of using it again. And some things like combinating pedals can help to get the car turn in round the corner much better
Hard for me to see where the tolerated limits are on this subject tbo. and who sets these "guidelines".
I wonder if it would it be "ok" for all LFS rally tracks then or the usage of it in a 4x4 AWD.

@Didn´t see your post, Niki.
i dont see it as cheating, it's a game and not real life so it should be driven as a game. If it happens to be faster then whats the problem?

Worm no longer record holder.
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