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I personally find that a little strange. Perhaps it is because I never had my FF "Cranked up", but rather set to a semi-comfortable level (I've been tweaking it, but using the old DFP settings as a base guideline to start) - but mine has never started to "heat up" to the point where my Force Feedback has worn out. And I've used it in 6 hour long endurance races. No, I wasn't driving the whole six hours, but I was doing warm-up practice laps offline before hand for two hours, then I drove my three, so it was at least five. And everything was normal.

If it continues, you might want to call Tech support and ask them. Personally, if mine started to do that, I'd be afraid of it breaking on me
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Quote from Funnycat :phew... hard one.. it's done!

edit: damn now its a mis-aspect, fixing

edit2: done.

Simply put, -WOW-. Did you take that truck/trailer model from something, or do it yourself?
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Did anyone get an after race picture, or have a full length replay to post? Just curious.
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1. Do you have need for office furniture?
(Yes) (No)

2. Do you own any office furniture
(Yes) (No)

3. Do you prefer furniture that looks modern or traditional?
(Modern) (Traditional)

4. Do you prefer modern tubular steel furniture to traditional wooden furniture?
(Modern) (Traditional) (Dont know)

5. How much would you realistically spend on an office desk?
(£0-20) (£20-30) (£30-40) (£40 +)

6. What office environment would you be buying for?
(Business office) (Home office) (Personal home use)

7. Do you use a pc at your desk?
(Yes) (No)

8. Is it a desktop or a tower?
(Desktop) (Tower)

9. What size desk would you buy?

(a) Wide
(2 foot) (3 foot) (4 foot) (5 foot +)

(b) Depth
(2 foot) (3 foot) (4 foot +)

10. Do you have a need for extra storage (draws / shelves)
(Draws) (Shelves) (Both) (None)

11. Anymore needs for an office desk?
For the home desk, obviously I need to be able to clamp a wheel comfortably on it. Also, for study purposes, having an L-shaped or U-shaped desk is preferable, so I can have as many open sources (textbooks, notes, ect) as possible at once.
For the work desk, as I spend most of my time on the PC, it needs a CPU storage space on it, off the ground (I live in florida, and hurricane flood damage is bbbaaaddd for PC!), preferably with a cabinet door on the front (so I can open it to access my PC's drives), and wholely open in the back (not just a little hole. For temperature reasons, and for stringing wires). Desk height is important, because I'm a bit on the short side (5' 6.5", or 1.6891 meters), and I want the keyboard at a comfortable level (perhaps with a pullout keyboard thing, but that comprimises my wheel-at-work possibilities. I wouldn't mind it, because if it bugs me I'd removed/not install it...), but not my feet dangling from raising my chair so high I can reach said comfortable level.
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I had the same problem! Well, it sounds the same. Anywho, my cure:
Options > Graphics > Haze Effect - OFF

My problem symptoms included:
-Process Explorer spiked to 100% during the lockup
-It happened randomly, seemingly without a pattern. When watching a replay of the race, it would lockup randomly as well, not at the same time it did in the original race.
-Time continues for the game in single player, so if I was to jab my brakes when it froze, I'd unfreeze to find myself spun out from brake lock.
-Happened in all modes of play
-NVidia GeForce FX 5500 (Same card! Might be the problem!!)
-The sound did a weird loop thing, like it was caught repeating the same sound chunk over the span of one second (this was prior to the U30 sound upgrade)
-I was running U without a patch.

I discovered the solution when I did, as it seems you have tried, changing all my graphics settings to as low as possible. I turn off haze effect included, and it cured it. I went back, put it all back on, and it happened. So I lowered one option at a time until the lockups went away, and thats how I discovered it.
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Well, I wasn't going to, but now that you offered.... Nice name addition by the by, heh. Don't worry, I'll leave your name on it. After all, I don't want people asking me to make them. I don't know how!

Good work again, by the way. Tinting it blue is going to be hard methinks . I might not bother.
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Heh. Thats kinda cool. Makes me want to steal it and tint it blue =P
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Wow... Thats kinda neat.

Does anyone have an XRR laying around? I doubt it if it hasn't been posted, but...

I think its a great looking car, and I'd love to see it as a pixel car.
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Also, my two cents as far as race starting..

If the rules for race start are indeed going to be given a good thinking over, then I have a comment to make. Quite the number of people have suggested "No Passing Before the Start/Finish Line".

This seems like a good idea, in theory, but what happens when the following situations arrive?
1 - Green Flag. Car towards the back of the grid is quicker on the go compared to the car in front of him (Be the cause lag, Shorter gear ratios, better acceleration [look at the XRRs, if the turbo isn't spooled up, acceleration suffers a bit], or just poor reaction time). Because the car in front of the faster car is slower, the car behind has to slow down, thus negating his 'good start'.
2 - Green Flag, all cars hit the gas. One person has to let up because of the slipstream gaining him more ground than the car in front, so the person behind has to lift off, and the person behind has to lift off... until someone actually has to suddenly brake. Then we have the same situation of cars rear-ending each other.

I think care should indeed be taking while overtaking on the launch, and avoided if at all possible, but there are situations where overtaking is nessisary. However, the situations are largely subjective, meaning its a gamble for the driver to debate if he should go or not. Thus, allow passing before the start finish, just not before the straight.

MoE is supposed to be a league filled with clean racers who understand the concept of an endurance race. That is, you must first finish to finish first, and not take overly risky moves. With that idea in mind, do you think its too much to allow the drivers to use their better judgement when overtaking on the launch? Or do you have to make a rule that could create other problems too?

Just my two cents...
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Quote from Ian.H :Thanks dude

Tbh, it's all pretty simple. I just made a normal box but with a high-number of segments to give me lots of vertices, then grabbed a few vertices and with the 'Soft Selection' enabled, move 'em about a bit to create the uneven sides.

Used a rounded-edged box as a 'boolean' modifier which I then cut into the original box to give me the section for the plastic area.

Then UVUnwraped the box, grabbed the wireframe and headed off to photoshop to paint the box

Nothing really complex if you know what buttons to press (the hardest part of anything related to 3DS IMO).

Heh. True. But I'm still trying to work out issues on my own scene. Still new to max, so I'm trying to create a scene from scratch (plus the CMX importer )... But even with your instructions, I need an XRR model to play with, and mine has... issues... (See my post on MasterSkinnerz under 3dRendering if you want to help :nod

Quote from Ian.H :heh, I pretty much gave up doing render requests a long time ago.. took up too much time, now I just pick and choose some when I visit here occasionally, but I only have the XRR and XRT setup for rendering now (I don't use my old brazil scenes anymore, they make me cringe lol and glad to see more and more people just using them as a base and modifying the hell out of them). I'll also include the wireframe for the tyres too as that's an original S2 model (before tyrewalls were mapped) and I mapped the sidewalls completely rather than a thin strip so the LFS sidewall textures won't fit on those.

Both of the above are rendered with VRay, but yeah, I'll get everything sorted and release the box scene and the wireframe to paint ya own box It'll require v8 of 3DS this time though (compared to my brazil scenes which only need v7).

Ew... I can't use it then. I'm still using Max7 . But yeah, the only cars I've ever skinned are the XRG and XRR, and I didn't like my XRG skin... Maybe I'll just wait for it to come out and ask anyone to do a 'Boxed XRR Render' for me .
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Ian, I loved that boxed XRR I hope one-day I'll be able to make something that looks that neat...

Are you going to share that scene, or only entertain requests to render skins? I might put my name down on a request list...
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I agree. Several times I was surrounded by GT1 cars performing dangerous manuevers. I personally didn't have a problem, having survive each of the encounters without any sort of damage with two exceptions, both of which were apoligized for.

But some examples... The straight and then slow left hander followed by the right hander after the chicane: Once as I was making a pass on a GT2 car that went wide so I could go on the inside, I suddenly had a GT1 car barrel through between us on the right hander turn, tapping both me and the GT2 car to do it (I heard a tap, I wasn't effected, then I felt and heard a second tap). At this point in the race I was pacing pretty slow because of engine damage, which is how he blew by me so fast, but when I'm ALREADY on the curb, about to touch the grass, and someone hits me trying to get past on my right, somethings wrong... But both me and the GT2 car continued along, so I ignored it.

Several times on Spectator as well, I saw cars go 3 wide into T2. I'm pretty sure I saw one attempt to go 4 wide, which I just thought was odd. It was a mixed class combination most of the time, two GT1 cars and a GT2, or visa versa. But going more than 2 wide into that turn is not only dangerous, but it slows you more than is worth it. But people did it anyways.

All in all though, you must admit. For a 3 hour race, there wasn't that many incidents. Especially considering it was a mixed field. But then again, this was my first league race, so I may no know what I'm talking about
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Quote from Dajmin :There are no huge g-force corners in LFS right now, but it'd be cool to have a gradual whiteout as you lost consciousness due to the forces

Interesting idea, but a few points (er, I mean questions):

Isn't it blackout, not whiteout? I was under the impression that blackouts happen when the g-forces down cause the heart to be unable to pump enough blood to the brain, causing a lack of conciousness. Red-outs are when the G-Forces up are so high, the blood collects and the pressure increases until blood vessels in your eyes start bursting. I may be wrong, so I'd have to look into it. Maybe cite some sources.

Secondly, I seriously, seriously doubt a race car can produce enough G-Forces in any direction to cause blackouts or redouts (unless my whole point is invalid and whiteouts are some other thing). Is there any precident of this happening?

Thirdly, don't diffrent people have diffrent tolerances towards G-Forces and blackouts? How would you simulate something thats diffrent in every person? Take an average? Best case senerio (like I think driver weight is done)?
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Quote from Hankstar :"Attempting to navigate around a bend at any speed over 20mph will cause this vehicle to tip onto its roof, activate the central locking and catch fire, incinerating any occupants, pets & cargo. Chevrolet will not be held liable for any injury, death or damage that will occur as a result. Injuries, causes of death and specific damage to vehicle or property may vary."

Found in the manual for the Chevy "Suburban" (most inappropriate name ever)

My G/F's mom has a Chevy Suburban. I think I'm going to ask to look in her manual , and then show it to her . But yeah, I've driven it before. Trust me, the car doesn't WANT to take a turn over 20 MPH. It understeers like mad. I remember driving it through the curve of an onramp and thinking "Did they use butter for tyre tread?" because it, litterally, felt like the front wheels were just sliding along the road.
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I live in America, which seems to be overly paranoid about things breaking on you. So we, being a sue happy country, get told to do things to prolong engine life, mostly so manufactors can say "You didn't do what we told you!"

Example: Oil change every 3000 miles. I belive I got told, on this very forum, by quite a few knowledgeable people, that oil lasts a good deal longer than 3000 miles.

My car and my bike's user's manual (the only two vehicles I have read the user's manual for) both have an engine break in period. Run it at varying RPMs below 3,000 for the first 100 miles, and below 4,000 for the first 500. Don't keep it at a constant RPM (cruising down a highway). My dad, driving my bike to the house from the dealership (chirstmas present) gunned the throttle pretty much the whole way home.
And the bike is fine.

Although I've never heard "an engine run in fast makes a fast engine", I wouldn't doubt if it was true. Hows that work, if anyone cares to explain?
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Yeah. I've thought about an idea similar to this before, but I always end up chucking it.

Rather than a "You are dead" message, I always invisioned the screen just fading to red or black.

The major issues I've always had with it, are as follows:

Pitting and unpitting should fix it, but then it becomes just sort of silly. After all, people pit and unpit for less serious things all the time. It wouldn't become too much of a deterant.

Until the damage model is improved on, its got some serious flaws. The idea behind the roll cage is to provent the cockpit from crushing the driver, however the rollcage bends in the current damage model. This allows 'helmet clipping', would would result in instant 'driver damage'.

Game rating might take a hit. I don't know how that works, but I suspect any video game which attempts to simulate the effect of human injury might recieve a less than E rating. One of the great appeals of a racing simulator is: Its non-violent (in concept). You're compeating, not trying to break into a building to shoot up a dozen badguys. It breeds sportsmanship, not violent tendencies. If you could 'hurt' the other drivers by ramming them... well, lets just say I've seen games get more restrive ratings for less.

Also, when the damage model DOES get improved, what happens when a projectile punctures the windshield on the driver's side? Ugly.

My vote?
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See, real race teams take a car from race to race, but they usually fix/replace anything wrong with it. I remember hearing a commentator in one series mention how a car got smashed up during a qualification incident, and it was fixed by the race day. Granted, the mechanics probably performed a miracle.

If an engine breaks, the mechanics fix it. If the tyres wear out, they get replaced. Its the same car, in spirit, but from the start to the end of a series, its possible most every part has been replaced at some point or another, depending on how rough the series is (I mean how likley the drivers are to hit each other).

If an engine needs a break in period, and you were a race team, wouldn't you slap the sucker on some sort of gizmo that automatically runs it through various RPMs for a certain number of simulated miles, so when you drop it in the car, its not a 'new' engine?

It all just seems really off to me.
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Woo! That was fun ^.^

Whoever took the sceen shot at the end, are you going to post it on here?

If thats the incident I think you're talking about, no major problems. I had worse issues my first few laps out. Like rolling my car. Plus, wasn't there like 3 people trying squeeze through that point? Thats probably where half the problem came from. Oh well, I took a brief pitstop and it was all better!

On a side note, I've realized today how important it is not to over-rev. I have a nasty habbit of skipping forth while downshifting, and when I REALLY need to stop, skipping 3rd as well and dropping straight into second for the two slow turns. Towards the end of the race, I was no longer reaching 6th gear at the end of the straights, and I was having problems passing the GT2 guys . Man were you all quick.. I think if it had lasted much longer I'd of been lapped by the slower class.

Anywho, Good race! See yall on the track next time around!


I can't seem to remember WHO, but I tapped someone's back about halfway through. It was a GT2 class, comming to the turn after the chicane, it wasn't too hard and you didn't spin out, but still sorry about it.
Sorry about that!
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Its an interesting idea. Fits a rather specialized niche, but it would be kinda neat. Essentually just make league races part of the game, rather than making the game do the league races. Although useless for pickup games, and leagues can already do much of this (and a little more) with a little effort...

I think the major benifits would be the tyres (being limited to a number other than unlimited sets, either over a season or for a particular round. Especially once the tyre physics are completed), and things of that nature that are really just too much of a pain to moniter as currently is.

However, if I may make a minor suggestive improvement...
Remove the stock setup option. As far as I know, no racing series forces its racing teams to use cars with specific settings. Its just way to hard to enforce in real life, and I see no real bonus for using it in LFS.

For the no tyre change from qual to race start... What would the drop in tyre tempature be like? I know if I let my car sit on R2s for a little too long, such as say, the cars are lining up in their appropraite spots to race and just sitting there, they will turn BLACK. Seriously, its kinda funny to watch me drive on 25 degree celcius tyres, but my point is: Would there be a scripted drop in tempatures, so only wear is carried over?

Thirdly, for endurance type races... An option to allow a team to net some points for completing a certain percentage of race may be interesting. Such as, say, in a 24 hour race, if the team completes 85% of it and has to DNF because of mechanical failure, they still have a chance to net some points for simply completing enough of it.

Anywho, enough of my talking...
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If your not against a little constructive critism in your VB6 reader...

It might be a good idea to bring camber down (or tyre pressure up) so they're next to each other, then label the four tyres. I can tell that the first is Rear Left, then Rear Right, ect..

Also, I'm pretty sure LFS saves if its Symentrical or Asymentrical somewhere, becasue even if I just click the asymentrical and leave all the settings, it still REMEMBERS that I clicked it. But I don't see a value for it anywhere. Depending on the goal of your project, that may nor may not matter. If its just to read setups, its not important. Also if its to write setup files, leaving it always asymentrical won't hurt either. But I'm not sure if you're reading a file thats symetrical, and you write it with diffrent values for the tyres, what sort of mayhem that will cause....
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20 as of yesterday =)
And I liked the happy birthday LFS sent me ^.^ I almost printed it out and posted it on my wall, until I realized now that my G25 is here, I don't ever look at my wall anymore... Just my moniter, and my whiteboard (which has my setup information on it... Er... I think I need help :shy
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Car number 48 - XRR (GT1)

Driver 1:
Sean Williams
United States

Driver 2:
Klaas Zijlstra
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I don't have track IR. I just maxed the setting to 2 degrees, went from 20 mph to a dead stop, and watched my 'vision' dip... and bounce back up, just like my head was bobbing. It looks like it works to me... I'm using U20, incase that matters at all.
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Sadly, I have to give the buggers candy. One year something came up, and I had to leave for an hour. Came home, and my other car had eggs on it... Lucky for me, it wasn't sitting there for longer than an hour, so it didn't eat the paint.

I like my house, and my car, and I'd rather buy some candy (and eat the left overs!) than clean up a mess some disgruntled teenager with parents who neglected to teach them manners left because I didn't aid in the destruction of their teeth.
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Under view, I have an option that says "1g heal Tilt" set to "1 degree".

I would THINK that this means if the car is pulling, say, 1G under braking, then my vision will tilt down 1 degree. I'm pretty sure it does, although I haven't actually messured it.

I think the reason you don't notice it is TrackIR. The two probably aren't compatable.

Then again, I've been known to be wrong.